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By Tina Wagner, LeSueur, MN — Nov 4, 2013 9:26am
Gina! I thought of you yesterday... And that day Evan left this earth for Home.. It is so vivid and even painful for me now that my eyes fill with tears writing this. Yep.. My eyes are leaking again. Not for him and getting to depart this life for Home a little early, but for the Evan hole that will exist until you are (all) in each others arms again with Jesus right there beaming... And making the Truth of the situation known!  I can't wait to see him. Your perfect boy. Death is really only a comma,not a period huh? Love that this is true!
Yesterday you were so strong in my mind because Saturday I shared our God-Journey with the United Methodist women's annual meeting,, and now am invited to share with my catholic friends next Monday. I should probably get some Bah-Bad cards to hand out at these things to let people have a connecting point after I am done!! 
Yesterday all day I was helping a dear friend whose husband made his exodus for Home .. With a smile on his face.. Being reunited with 5 children who had gone home ahead of Him throughout the years.... Hard to fathom. Only 2 are left... Sometimes I am envious that my boy doesn't have to go through ANY sadness or pain (these kids endured so much!). 
So just wanted to share how this past weekend was a constant reminder of 'that weekend  here in MN' 6years ago... and I see how these little lives that were entrusted to us have set us on Paths so different but both bringing glory to the same God! Love you my friend- and your faithful husband who adores you, and Mary who floats across my mind many times when I think of the 'U', and your other 2 with all of their achievements!! No matter what, your family will always hold a deep place in my heart!! And you Will Beat that cancer thing that tried to be sneaky!!! But brought into the marvelous Light to be exposed and vanquished!!! Always praying for that! So from MN to CA.... Love and Blessings Multiplied !!  
Tina - Forever Joel's mama.... :-)