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My Story

Ethan’s medical needs and expenses are going to be significant.  We are working with HelpHOPELive.org, a non-profit organization that has set up the Great Lakes Catastrophic Injury Fund to assist those like Ethan.  Those interested in making a donation in honor of Ethan S. Kadish can make tax-deductible contributions that will directly support him. Ethan's page with HelpHOPELive.org can be found using the following link : http://www.bit.ly/hhl_ethankadish

Ethan has been at Camp GUCI outside of Indianapolis. On Saturday, June 29, 2013, a sudden burst of lightning struck on the athletic field where Ethan was out enjoying some Ultimate Frisbee with other campers. Ethan was taken in critical condition to the local Children's Hospital, where the doctors and nurses have been working around the clock to stabilize him and assess his injuries. All we're asking for right now are for prayers. We have been humbled from the outpouring of care and concern; from the camp community, from the greater Indianapolis community, from our Cincinnati community, from family and friends, and from around the world.

We will post more soon.

Scott and Alexia


The Abraham Family signed Ethan's Guestbook.

Beautiful post. We can feel your calm through the chaos! You are a strong and amazing family. Our prayers for many blessings as you head into this new chapter of ... Read more

Adele Goldfinger Black signed Ethan's Guestbook.

Loved today's post!I retired from teaching 7th grade Special Ed this July.  For many years, on the first day of school for teachers, our director of Special Education ... Read more

DLChar signed Ethan's Guestbook.

That was beautiful.  Team Ethan is most certainly with you to help carry your baggage, to disburse it as needed, to remember instructions when you cannot, and will be ... Read more

Linda Chatterjee signed Ethan's Guestbook.

Beautiful! You are making me cry. I am glad you feel so supported. :-)  It reminds me of the saying "Dont fear the future - God is already there"  :-) I received ... Read more

Ginger and Bill Kroncke signed Ethan's Guestbook.

Take a deep breath.  all of this that has happened to Ethan and for Ethan has been overwhelming.  Be like the tortoise--Slow and steady will win the race.....Ginger Read more

Caryn Williams signed Ethan's Guestbook.

Kadish family,I realize I have been sending you messages on this caring bridge site, but have never really introduced myself to you. I will be sending you an email to do ... Read more

Adrienne Davidson signed Ethan's Guestbook.

At least they've got good food on this flight.... ;-) *big hugs all around* Read more

Cindy Meredith-Shields signed Ethan's Guestbook.

Ah, sweet Kadish family, this post made me tear up! You are running a race in so many ways and it's nice to know that God's got your back at every turn! With love and ... Read more

Sue Moylan signed Ethan's Guestbook.

We continue to look forward to your daily updates, pull and pray. Thank you for allowing us to walk this journey Read more

The Schlesner Family signed Ethan's Guestbook.

Kadish Family,We wish you a smooth transition in bringing Ethan home.  Though it may seem overwhelming right now, I'm confident you'll surpass your own expectations.  ... Read more

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