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This Star Won't Go Out!

Star, I
told you I would write your story! <3


It seems
that Esther's Star shows no signs of dimming! Toward the end, as her health was
declining, I promised her I would write her story. I realize now that I was
trying to control the inevitable, trying to tame death and that writing would
be a way of somehow keeping her here. I guess I sort of knew that, then, but I
was reeling with grief. I still am. Everyone who knew Esther will never get
over her awful, early departure. 

But her
star will not go out! Love is like that: it cannot die. It may change, or
flicker but it's finally indestructible. I really believe that. Of course, I
knew the power that was Esther, held her as a newborn and held her in death and
loved her with all my heart in the in between times and she was a mighty force.
I am not afraid of death and neither was she. I am so grateful that Penguin has
miraculously (thank you John Green!) agreed to publish some of what I wrote alongside Esther's journals
and other writings. That's where the real story is as her talent is amazing.
From the press release,

unique memoir will be published in close collaboration with Wayne and Lori
Earl, Esther’s parents, who said, “Esther dreamed of being an author.  Her
life was her book.  She didn't get to choose the ending, but the way she
filled the pages made her story irresistible. Sharing our Star—our amazing
burst of sunshine—
is a way of spreading light. We hope others will be
changed as we have been.”

as a family, we are extremely touched by the many Guestbook entries recorded on
this site. Esther loved reading them and I am sure -though I imagine she is
involved in more interesting things these days- that, if it's possible, she's still blessed by
your thoughts. And why not? If our love for her intensifies over time, then surely her
passion for us cannot abate, right? Certainly, her Star continues to shine and
that brightness inspires us, comforts us, and reminds us that we have much to
live for. So live here, now, and make it your aim to care deeply for others. That's what she did and I see no way to improve upon that.

~Esther's dad

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Kay turner
By Kay Turner
I am reading Esther's book. She inspires me so much I wrote a poem. It may not be as beautiful as her, but it is sincere.

"Au revoir ma jolie petite fille francaise"
Born... perfect,
Only heaven didn't have the space for such perfection.
So, they sent you down to us.
But why must the brightest angels,
Be cast in the worst darkness?

You, glorious moon goddess,
Lit up the night,
Confused us as to when dawn was.

But what about you, Mon cher?
Who seen you shine,
When all the clouds
Blocked us from your light?

How did you feel?
Diamond heart, encased
In papery skin, just heavy enough
To hold your ribs.

Heaven wanted you back.
They sent their water through your breath.
They made you so light you could fly.
Even though, sometimes it's good to keep your feet on the ground,
And your head in the clouds.

Oh, pretty little French girl,
Must you leave us so soon?
Whatever darkness surrounded you,
You always shine brighter than the moon.

Oh, ma jolie petite fille francaise
You so infinitely shine,
You must be an angel,
And we still breathe in your light.

How beautiful your soul,
Pretty little French girl.
Always in our hearts,
Even if not in our sights.

Au revoir ma belle petite fille francaise.
Th nous manques
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Samantha N.
By Samantha.
I had gotten Esther's book last Christmas, but never got around to reading it until now. Every few pages I have to set it down and either 1) wipe the tears away or 2) absorb everything. How wonderful this girl is, even in her time of pain. What a shame that she is no longer with us, and that she had to be taken so soon. What a fighter, what a lover, what an amazing girl she is.
I never knew Esther, but through this, I feel as if she is with me and her positivity has brightened my day, and possibly my life.
I do wish the best for her family, and I hope all of her siblings, friends and parents keep the same happy vibes she did.
A strong girl, taken to soon. What a shame. Always in our hearts, Esther Earl.
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Ahlaam Rafiq
By in life or death and AWESOMENESS
5 years and the star's burning brighter than ever! The song is being sung by all the people I've spread your story too. I know we've never met, but, my star: you're my bestest friend ever.
We love you, present tense
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Billie Smith
By ~Billie
I am currently reading Ether's book,it is absolutely amazing. I wish I could have met her before, or at least watched her YouTube videos or something. She seemed like the perfect friend...Someone who would always laugh and smile, but was always making sure that you were alright. I wish she knew that she DID make a difference in this world. She has been an inspiration to so many people around the world. I wish a lot of things that can no longer happen, But Esther Grace got two whole books and millions of fans.
Rest in awsome Esther.
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Sherri Philpott
By Sherri Philpott
Esther. You are my Star, love. I read TSWGO a few months ago, and just after I finished, I found that I had drawn immense inspiration from it. I imagine you there in Awesome, smiling and laughing, long red hair undamaged, tubes and machines gone, simply hanging out and watching the world. 16 is too young, Star. I never heard of you before this book and I didn't hear of your death, and that is terrible for me. In true spirit of you, though, I will be happy that you did live and that you were so amazing.
You shine too brightly to go out.
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Enolla Lima
By Enolla Lima
Hello, my name is Enolla (know my name is quite different hehe) I am reading the book "The star that will never fade" and every page every word of Esther see that really all happens with a purpose, God puts us on right place at the right time always. Brazilian'm more like very much to have known; she was so young and yet so mature, so strong and yet not ... Esther with her life story this encouraging me a lot, not yet finished reading more so far'm surpriendendo me with your story and your life, already lost one person from my family because of cancer and I know how difficult it is, even though already passed a 5 year I pay my soliedariedade family. My feelings. :(

With affection and love, Enolla Lima.
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Letícia Montimor
By Letícia
Did you mean I'm reading The Star that never will Delete, it's beautiful. I know the story of Esther touched many people around the world, and I know that everyone will feel the lack of it, but no more than his family. From what I read, Esther was a wonderful girl, and I bet that anyone who knew her would like her, I know that I am a complete stranger to you guys, but the book of Esther says a lot about her, never know her the way she was with the family, but from what we know we can say that she was a wonderful person, never will know, and why I feel for not having known her. My feelings.

PS: I'm sorry if you have an error or if it fails to understand certain parts, I'm from Brazil and still do not know English very well, but what counts is the intention, no?

With much love, Letícia
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Valentina Lopez
By Valentina
I'm currently reading This Star Won't Go Out, it is so inspiring. I know that God took her in almost 5 years ago and I wish she was still here with us. Her story inspired me and encouraged me that not everything goes how we want, and only God knows that what happens, happens for a reason. Even though I'm only 11 years old (almost 12), I feel so encouraged and inspired by Esther.
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Geisy Kelly
By Geisy Kelly
Querida Esther, você está em um lugar de paz agora, toda aquela dor, passou. Deus abençoe sua família.
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Hannah Rose
By Hannah Rose
I'm truly inspired by the story of the very dear Esther Earl. I read her story. I cried many times. Esther handled her sickness very well. She was very graceful about it. I'm so very glad that she rests in peace. May her star never burn out. Have her star glow for all to see. She did not deserve to pass from cancer, but she made a huge impact on people because she was so positive and loving. RIP Esther Earl. We love you so very much.
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