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This Star Won't Go Out!

Star, I
told you I would write your story! <3


It seems
that Esther's Star shows no signs of dimming! Toward the end, as her health was
declining, I promised her I would write her story. I realize now that I was
trying to control the inevitable, trying to tame death and that writing would
be a way of somehow keeping her here. I guess I sort of knew that, then, but I
was reeling with grief. I still am. Everyone who knew Esther will never get
over her awful, early departure. 

But her
star will not go out! Love is like that: it cannot die. It may change, or
flicker but it's finally indestructible. I really believe that. Of course, I
knew the power that was Esther, held her as a newborn and held her in death and
loved her with all my heart in the in between times and she was a mighty force.
I am not afraid of death and neither was she. I am so grateful that Penguin has
miraculously (thank you John Green!) agreed to publish some of what I wrote alongside Esther's journals
and other writings. That's where the real story is as her talent is amazing.
From the press release,

unique memoir will be published in close collaboration with Wayne and Lori
Earl, Esther’s parents, who said, “Esther dreamed of being an author.  Her
life was her book.  She didn't get to choose the ending, but the way she
filled the pages made her story irresistible. Sharing our Star—our amazing
burst of sunshine—
is a way of spreading light. We hope others will be
changed as we have been.”

as a family, we are extremely touched by the many Guestbook entries recorded on
this site. Esther loved reading them and I am sure -though I imagine she is
involved in more interesting things these days- that, if it's possible, she's still blessed by
your thoughts. And why not? If our love for her intensifies over time, then surely her
passion for us cannot abate, right? Certainly, her Star continues to shine and
that brightness inspires us, comforts us, and reminds us that we have much to
live for. So live here, now, and make it your aim to care deeply for others. That's what she did and I see no way to improve upon that.

~Esther's dad

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Anto Sierpe
By Anto Sierpe
Acabo de terminar de leer tu historia. Y como lo dice el libro cambia la forma de ver el mundo. Es impresionante como a pesar del cáncer, fuiste agradecida hasta el último minuto. Y como quisiste a las persona. Realmente maravilloso. Muchos besos a la familia de Esther, desde Argentina
sadie soria
By Sadie Robby
Hey, i just wanted to let you know, that i didn't know Esther but i wish i did she seems like a saint and i know we all make mistakes but somehow i think Esther only made some. I wish i met Esther she seems like a great funny girl. I'm in love with this book you guys did a really good job. And so did John Green,lol.
i really would've liked to meet Esther... *SNIFFLES* that would be my one dream no celebrity no super model ESTHER that's who... please e-mail back.... ;')
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Micaela Aguirre
By Micaela Aguirre
Crying because of de book, all my love for you lori and wayne and your family😘 Esther protects you from above
1 person hearted this
Lydia Bayonas
By Lydia
Has sido una chica excelente. Estoy leyendo tu historia desde Madrid, España. Muchos besos a tu familia
1 person hearted this
Valentina Di Bastiano
By Valentina from Argentina.
I'm reading the book, and fuck that Esther was awesome. I can't understand how she was so strong, having cancer and being sick. She's an inspiration for everyone, and I hope that her soul and her vibes will be forever with us. I hope too, you guys have an amazing 2015 and never give up!
Alexa Faria
By Sincerely Alexa❤️
I am in the middle of reading this star won't go out you guys were amazing to Esther and don't forget that we all love reading about Esther I hope you guys have an amazing 2015
Lavinia Evelyn Alves Germano
By Lavinia Evelyn Alves Germano
Hi! Our strikes me as the story and Grace Esther Earl of daily totally The star that will never fade mesmo.Como we leave this magnificent history to behind ???
An overrun and both .. How many people this girl can help overcome cancer?
With this we must, we complained much of the life of obstacles, the mirror and see that all this comparing to what Esther Earl spent is less than a speck ...
Thank you Esther Earl each day your star will shine more and never lose strength and brightness .And that God take care of you however great the difficulty, and he also comfort his family and his friends and in his readers and fans and that we should never give up great the obstacle and we remember you these times ....
Thank heart kisses and hugs background .... Lavinia Evelyn Alves Germano.
From Brazil _MG
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Isa💗 CG
By Isa💗
I'm Spanish, sorry if I don't write Right😔
1 person hearted this
Isa💗 CG
By Isa💗
Hi! This is like a false book story, when I start to read the book, I thought that it will be similar to the foult in our stars,but this is completely different.This makes you a good person, the person that could do everything for save anyone.The real one that you're.This is the kind of things that you'll remember all your life and you need to investigate all the story and all the things.
I was sourprised for the Esther's reactions for the cancer, I have to much friends that've superated cancer, but this story goes to my heart, I can't stop looking for this story, I really get in love with Esther's character.My wish is to now how is she with God<3, I know she will be okay anyway.Only love for her and the kids in the same situations...Best hugs and kisses Isa💝 TW @isabelitaxxx11 @officialpagepll INSTA @_isaaaa_a
1 person hearted this
Emma Schafer
By Emma Schafer
I am reading the book and all I have to say is that from what I read Esther sounds stronger than I can imagine. I am very sad that Esther passed on. I cried when Esther's lungs started bleeding. It was so heartbreaking that she had to go through things like that when she was just a kid.