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Just got word about Esther's organ donations. How amazing that two people can now -literally- see again because each received one of Esther's corneas! A man in Ohio and a woman in Maryland now see the world through Esther's eyes. Imagine that! She continues to give sight and light. When she learned that none of her other organs would be used (because of the cancer) she was saddened. However, she did give permission for an extensive autopsy to be performed (it was). This was a real gift to cancer research because little is known about the spread of cancer in a girl who goes through puberty while being treated (as she did). 

She was an amazing, courageous, other person-centered, young woman. If she, as a 16 year old teenager thought ahead and felt so strongly about this, then so should we! I know a gentleman in Ohio and a lady in Maryland that would agree.

Check out: http://organdonor.gov/ />