Well August has been a crazy busy month. Sorry for not keeping up with the updates, we've been on a couple trips and between chemo, vacation, and catching up around home it's been a busy summer. I'm still wondering where June and July went!

Since the last update we had a nice break from treatment and "our new normal." We went on a nice 4-day vacation with friends to a spa in the Dells and also to downtown Chicago. We had massages and spa treatments, seen a musical, went on a dinner cruise, and had an awesome time with friends. It was the perfect little getaway before our trip to Houston for our checkup. We traveled straight from Chicago down to Houston for the big news. Erin's treatment is working! All of her lesions in her liver are shrinking as we'll as her tumor in the pancreas. Her blood count was also extremely positive. Of course we were thrilled to hear the news. You could tell the doctors were extremely pleased with the results.

So from here forward, we will maintain the same course of action we have been doing. She will get treatment every two weeks until we get another follow up scan in November. She definitely is not looking forward to more chemo, but at least now we have direction and know that all the effort and pain is for a purpose and good things are to follow. We are still a very long way from getting out of the woods, but at least we are traveling down the right path. 

Once again I just want to thank everyone for all the thoughts and prayers. Truly God is great and the power of prayer is the best medicine of all.