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  • Written Feb 24, 2010 10:33am

    HI all!

    Well yesterday I met with the pulmunary fellow, who I loved by the way, she was great at explaining the different scenarios they could find when they went into my lung.  She also did a great job explaining the process of the bronchscopy. 

    I underwent the bronchscopy yesterday afternoon. I had a great team in the room! They kept me comfortable (you are awake during the procedure) they spray your throat with lydocaine to numb your gag reflex and place a scope down your throat and into the lung where they inject saline and then remove the saline complete with a sample from the imflammation. The whole thing took about an hour, and I got to see inside my lung! pretty cool.

    So now I am just waiting for the lab results to find out what is brewing inside and where to go for treatment. Always an adventure. We are having a huge snow storm here in Vermont today, and school was cancelled so Sam and I are just taking it easy on the couch.

    I also wanted to take this opportunity to share with you two pretty neato things.  First, Sam's friend Eric is running the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Marathon. It's his first marathon and he is going to run it in honor of Sam, myself, and a friend he lost to lymphoma.  If you are interested in supporting the LLS check out his fund raising page:


    My second piece of news is that the VLS class of 2010 has decided to use the class gift to create a scholarship for a 2L or 3L who has overcome personal adversity and is working in the public interest field of law. The scholarship is called the Class of 2010 Erin Woolley Scholarship, it is quite an honor and I feel very flattered, you can read about the scholarship on the VLS web page: 


    That's all the news for now, I'll be sure to keep you posted on the mystery lung condition.  Hope all is well with you!

  • Written Feb 22, 2010 2:54pm

    Well I have been home 3 weeks now! Things have been going pretty good. Getting exercise, eating, getting out a tiny bit! Last week we found out I am making my own platelets and my counts were almost reaching a "normal" mark, which is very exciting!
    However because I was feeling so good I filled up my time with running around Thursday and Friday, and what was a normal post-transplant cough has now snowballed into ickyness. I apparently have inflammation in lungs, along with headaches and tiredness.  The cough is pretty annoying, it is provoked everytime I move, so any activity sends me into coughing and a racing heart. The doc today said that the inflammation is either a virus or the effects of the first chemo I had while in for transplant.  Both can be treated, but they cannot give me anything until they know for sure what it is. 

    Today I had a chest x-ray and a CT scan of my chest and sinuses.  Tomorrow I'll go to the pulmunary people and have a sample of what's in my lungs taken.  Apparently they do this with light sedation and tube down my throat, sounds like tons of fun.  But I am looking forward to getting to the bottom of this and getting rid of the cough!!

    Other than that things have been great.  Still love being at home and starting work for my law school paper I am writing this semester, which makes my days seems a little bit more normal, doing work! yay. haha. I hope all of you are well I'll be sure to keep ypu up to date with the lung situation!


  • Written Feb 10, 2010 8:06am

    Hi all! Well its been a week since I have been home so I thought I'd give you all some updates!!

    Last week was marked by going to the hospital every day for antibiotics and platelets.  The platelets are the last things to engraft so mine were still low.  I also try getting my eating back to normal. I started off slow with things like yogurt, juices, and gram crackers.  And slowly introduced new foods every day. Boy, did it take some time to get my body to recognize and want food again.  But this week I seem to be back on track with eating, three meals a day at a normal pace. Still small portion sizes, my stomach is def. not back to normal size yet.

    I also have been able to increase my activities slowly.  Doing laundry, walking into town, and yesterday was really big I drove myself down to Dartmouth and went grocery shopping alone yesterday! I still have to wear masks when I go out in public places, but my counts are rising. 

    Yesterday Dr. B said that I am probably making my own platelets now! Which is fantastic news. We are going to check again on Friday to be sure.  She aslo gave me the okay to do dishes again which made me happy, because it was driving me nuts I couldn't do anything around the house! I still cannot clean, but Sam has been amazing about cleaning the apartment and keeping things a semi- sterile environment. 

    Yesterday they also did an ultrasound of my sight where the primary cancer culprit was and where my central line infection was.  I have been having swelling there and uncomfortable feeling. You can imagine I have been terrified about that area considering how much trouble its given me.  They docs thought there could be a blood clot in there from all the trauma the area has suffered.  The ultra sound seemed to show a hematoma which is essentially a bruised area inside from the central line probably that eventually my body should heal.  So that's good. They plan to keep an eye on it though!

    I am so thankful to be home and out of the hospital! It is so much more comfortable here and LOST has been great :)

    Thank you for all the support along this journey I have been really touched by your comments. 


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