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Emmett’s Story

My name is Emmett Ibach and I am 11 years old. Because of my birth, I have severe hypoxic ischemia (lack of oxygen to the brain that causes many neurological problems), severe irritability, a sleep disorder, and a seizure disorder. When I was born, I was not breathing and was sent right to the NICU. I had a ventilator overnight and had seizures immediately. Surprising everyone, I went home after 16 days. I have continuous trouble with irritability, sleep, seizures, and feedings. I take many medications to help. I require 24 hour one-on-one care and have a nurse during the day. I have a feeding tube in my tummy to eat. I can't walk or talk in the conventional way, but definitely vocalize when happy, sad, and mad! I can be extremely irritable at times, but when happy, I have the biggest and best smiles. I like to give Hi-5's and my favorite show is Barney! I love to be held and rocked. I have a 8 year old brother named Ethan and a 6 year old sister named Emma who I love very much.

Latest Journal Update


Tomorrow is Giving Hearts Day! Please consider donating to Hope, Inc! This organization has played such an important role in Emmett's life and for our whole family! If Emmett reaches his goal of raising $500 for Hope Inc, his activity fees are waived for the year.  You can donate online tomorrow (please include Emmett's name for "in honor of"), or if you prefer, send a check and write Giving Hearts Day on the memo line.  Every donation amount helps provide wonderful activities for all the kids of Hope, Inc! If you haven't seen our GHD day video, make sure you take a look!


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Jennifer Green
By Jennifer Green
I wish I had the money to give, but I don't. :( Praying for your family always.
Jennifer Green
c.o.l.e's prayer team