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Emmett and Jack’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to share our story with friends and family and to keep everyone updated on Emmett's well-being. We appreciate your support and words of love, hope, and encouragement. Thanks for visiting and sharing in this special time with us.

Latest Journal Update

January 25th, 2014 - First Time Nursing!

Jan 25: All snuggled and no cannula to fight with!

Jan 25: All snuggled and no cannula to fight with!

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Emmett is still doing great without the extra oxygen. He still has an immature breathing pattern, but he's able to recover well when his O2 levels drop. And it's usually only around the time he eats. After his feedings, his tummy is full and his lungs are a little more squished, so they have a hard time expanding as well as they should. It happens with or without the extra oxygen, so it's not absolutely necessary that he has it. The nurse mentioned that we could bring in some clothing for him, or use some of the stuff they have there for him. I forgot to get some of ours washed, so I didn't bring any in. The nurse pulled some out of their closet, but we didn't have a chance to put any on him yet because we wanted to try nursing.

He did very well at attempting to nurse. This was just a practice, so I pumped right before which means there wasn't much in there for him to get. He did so well though that I think he managed to get some milk. They don't want to overwhelm him, so they start preemies with non-nutritive feedings. He can practice latching and sucking without having to worry so much about the swallowing part yet. The nurse recommended that we try nursing twice a day. We should try a few more sessions just after pumping, but he did so well that she expects him to do well once we start nursing to feed. It took him a few minutes, but he quickly latched on and was interested for about 15 minutes, which is good for a baby his age (33 weeks 1 day) She also mentioned that because he's still small, he will most likely be on 3-4 fortified bottles a day. Even though he should be nursing about 8 times a day, they will want him to get the extra calories that they can fortify the bottles with, just like they've been doing.

Frank went in for his 8:30pm cares. His weight stayed the same, which isn't great, but it's better than losing weight. Frank also had the joy of changing Emmett's diaper right at the moment he started pooping. The joys of having a baby!


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Cindy Cindy
By Cindy
You are so brave. A great little fighter. He looks like a Dupree. Love you guys. My thoughts and prayers with you daily.