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Update on Emma

We had a nice weekend home. Emma is recovering and loves being home. 

We have had one doctor appointment for labs and her hemoglobin is still the same 6.9. She gets really tired in the afternoon because her hemoglobin is so low. But, as her kidneys heal she will produce more red blood cells and we just need to her numbers to get to normal which is about 15.  We have another appointment on Thursday to check labs again. We have the kidney doctor appointment on Tuesday next week. She will be on her low potassium, low phosphorus and low sodium diet at least for the next month.                                                     

She has gone back to school for half days from 9:05 to 11:05. She is not allowed to participate in gym or recess so this way she can just come home and eat her low diet lunch at home. She has a tutor session with her teacher for an hour a day to get her caught up for what she missed. 

Will post again after more results!

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Dayton Daniels
By Nancy Daniels
So thankful and happy that Emma is on the mend and getting stronger every day. She will continue to be in our prayers. :)
Bonnie Burdine
By Jim and Bonnie Burdine
She will heal. Just to have her home has to be a blessing for everyone. In our prayers!