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Emma had started with E. Coli and then got the disease HUS (hemolytic uremic syndrome) which causes kidney failure. This disease only occurs in 3 to 15% of children, Emma was one of the percentage. She had surgery to put the tube in her stomach to start the dialysis. This will help her kidneys to start functioning, but it is a slow process. This process can take any where from 2 to 8 weeks maybe longer. We are just taking it day by day and praying that her kidneys will start working on their own.

 Just please keep Emma in your prayers for a speedy recovery and her kidneys start working. As soon as that happens we will able to go home!!! We are all waiting for that day to come.


Stephanie Heidish posted a new journal entry, "Update on Emma 12/14/2013".

First and foremost, I would like to thank all of the people who attended the Zumbathon and Diamond Path fest!!! Also all of the great people who made the events happen ... Read more

Grt Grandpa and Grandma signed Emma's Guestbook.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Today we send grateful thoughts for the recovery of Emma.  God is good all the time and we are especially thankful this day, 2013!  God bless the ... Read more

Danielle Hewitt parent of 2 Diamond Path Students signed Emma's Guestbook.

HI I wanted to get a contact email I tried the one that came home in the friday folders last week but it said it was not valid!  I want to donate a basket for Emma's ... Read more

Jessica Mafale (Polley) signed Emma's Guestbook.

Hi Emma-  We wanted you to know that you have been in our hearts and prayers.  You are so brave and strong!  We look forward to meeting you at your benefit.  Brady ... Read more

Jen and Ayla Weers signed Emma's Guestbook.

Hi Emma! It is Jen, Ayla's mom. Ayla and I both wanted to send you big hugs and say we hope you are feeling better soon. I miss seeing you when I am at school, but it was ... Read more

Nancy Cooley signed Emma's Guestbook.

I didn't know you were back at school until I saw the Welcome Back sign on your classroom door. I am so glad you feel good enough to be back at DP. You were missed!  ... Read more

Lauren, Madelyn, Marc and Tonya Welsch signed Emma's Guestbook.

Hi Emma and Family, I have not had the pleasure of meeting you, but saw the flyer come home from Diamond Path and was touched by your story. We plan to attend the benefit. ... Read more

Grt Grandpa and Grandma signed Emma's Guestbook.

So happy for the update...sounds like things are going her way.  Hope that continues and she will grow stronger each day.  The diet isn't fun is it?...but doable.  Stay ... Read more

Carol Dykstra signed Emma's Guestbook.

Such  wonderful news, "there is no place like home" to recuperate.  We are so happy to hear Emma is out of the hospital and even back to school.  She is a trooper for ... Read more

Stephanie Heidish posted a new journal entry, "Update on Emma".

We had a nice weekend home. Emma is recovering and loves being home. We have had one doctor appointment for labs and her hemoglobin is still the same 6.9. She gets really ... Read more

Amy Green signed Emma's Guestbook.

We are sending our thoughts and prayers. Damon talks about you everyday and hopes you are feeling better soon. Damon Green and family. Read more

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