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Emma’s Story

Emma Geiger
I'm eighteen years old, living in Minnesota.
Struggling with idopathic gastroparesis.
Everyone has been so loving and supportive since my journey started in 2005.
 I'm no longer letting this disease control my life, and I'll help anyone who wants to beat it too. So if you have questions, feel free to sign my guestbook, or talk to me on facebook!

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." -Plato

Five Years of this stuff ! It all started in 6th grade, The day after my 12th birthday to be exact, where I began to vomit and got horrible stomach pains. I missed the entire last quarter of school, and was sick through the summer,. In June 2005 I got my appendix removed, but it proved to be healthy. Still, the pain somehow went away.

I went back to school in 7th grade and managed to make it through most of the year, until around spring when I got sick again. I missed tons of school, that they even sent me to a dentention class about skipping class and how it's against the law and you can go to jail. Yay. That was so fun for a little 13 year old. Eventually I went to the Mayo Clinic and got put on meds that tied me over for awhile.

8th grade I seemed to be doing much better, and we thought this nightmare was over. I mean, 2nd term I didn't even miss one day. I was feeling really great. But then High School started, and it was around 2nd term where I started getting violently sick again. Loosing weight, getting dehydrated. There was a time where I almost died.

So in January 2008 I was diagnosed with Gastroperisis.
I had a G/J tube placed which I took out in July 2009.

I've missed a lot of school. I've had teachers teach me over the phone and for the past two years I've done virtual school, where you take classes online. Now I'm back at regular school part time and hopefully full time next year!

I'm living with a gastric pacemaker thanks to the doctors at Nationwide Childrens hospital. Things are improving, but there is still a journy to be had here.

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