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Hey everyone! Guess who got possibly the greatest Christmas present in the history of presents?! That's right! Yours truly.

I graduated this Thursday from High School at my wonderful alternative school. It was such a load off my back that I wanted to run to the top of a mountain with a megaphone and tell everybody! ... However this being Minnesota, we didn't have any mountains for me to do that on.

So now onto the next phase of my life.

My surgery is January 6th at Abbott hospital in Minneapolis. Dr Johnson is doing my surgery. I'm still undecided where I'm going to put the pacemaker but I'm sure I'll figure it out by then. At least I hope I will. I'm leaning towards under the breast still but since I've been feeling a lot better (even with the pacer shut off) I feel like I may not need this forever (knock on wood) so if I did put it back in my stomach, maybe I wouldn't have to have it there for the rest of my life.

Because I've heard good and bad things about getting it in my chest. And the bad things really freak me out. Bah! It'll come to me though.

Anyways, until we talk again, I hope everyone has a very happy holiday season :)