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Happy Spring March Day of Spring and March.

Things are starting to improve! I'm scheduled for behind the wheel to get my drivers license. I'm making friends and seeing people and getting out there. Even if sometimes it's a little difficult, I'm making change. I'm getting caught up in school. Things are really looking up.

I talked to a woman that works in the media department at Nationwide about my story and it's going to be used for a letter. I'll be meeting with her when I head down there this month to get some pictures taken and whatnot. It's pretty cool!

I haven't been over-eating too much. Sometimes I forget though, and get a little belly going on me. But I've been de-stressing so it hasn't been too horrible.

I believe I've linked the extreme pain to my "monthly visit from mother nature" -- it's different than cramps. But I'm guessing that it's that along with the pacer, and it hurts a ton! I'm still going to ask about it though, cuz it didn't hurt like that before. Lol.

Anyways; I'm excited for later this month. And I'm getting loads of emails from people with questions. Its hard to keep up. So if you're one of those people, don't worry. You'll hear back from me. haha (: Talk to you all soon!

Enjoy the sweet weather!