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Hey Everyone!
Emma here once again. Not a whole lot to report on, except that I'm going to Ohio on the 25th to get a check up. Nothing major, I'm thinking. Just going to try and figure out the pain, and to see what exactly is happening with the pacemaker biz.
While i'm down there I think I might be interviewed for the fundraiser letter for Gastroparesis. Pretty cool, if I do say so myself. I got some kind of thing in the mail about it and they even sent me a spiffy bracelette.
Days seem to be coming and going, filled with surprises. One day I'll be fine, not feeling so well the next. But it's getting better. Since I haven't been in school (for the past week) I haven't been stressing over that so much. So it's helping and was all in all a good choice for me to stop going.
So much has been going on!
Life's good. Even when it's not. You've just sometimes gotta look for it.
I hope everyone is doing well. Fill me in on what you've been doing!