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Emily’s Story

Emily's Journey through Neuroblastoma. This all started on the eve of 12/18/2010. Our lives will forever be changed and it will never be the same, but we are strong and know we will get through this.

Thank you for your continued prayers, support and donations that help us get through this! Mail cards, gifts, donations, gas cards to: PO Box 5383, Midlothian, VA 23112

You can get up to date information on Emily's Facebook Page

Emily was diagnosed with Stage IV, High Risk Neuroblastoma Differential, n myc non amplified, favorable histology on 12/23/2010 and is currently in active treatment.

Here is a short version of what Emily has been through:


Emily still has so much more to endure, but she is a fighter.

We are constantly working on her webpage, and all entries are updated there. I will continue to keep you guys updated as often as we can.. For more information please read our journal.

We really appreciate all the love and support and prayers from everyone, I can't tell you how much they mean to us, and how they help so much. THANK YOU! Many are asking how & where to donate:

1. All donors may mail funds to the account at: Dominion Credit Union PO Box 26646 Richmond, VA 23261 Write "Emily Hubbel" in the check memo. Dominion Employees may go through the bank.

2. Go to www.emilyhubbel.com and hit donate now to be done through paypal at shannonhubbel@hotmail.com

3. Checks can be mailed to our PO Box with Emily's Name on the check to PO Box 5383, Midlothian, VA 23112.

Latest Journal Update

Stable Scans

Once again scans are stable! Two of Emily's spots have an increase of uptake and one of the spots is gone. Dr Sholler again offered if we wanted to do the other DFMO trial with chemo we could, however we decided to keep Emily on the Conpassionate Use of DFMO trial she is currently on. There are no new spots and none of her spots are bigger, so we will take stable!

While we continue to long for NED and to hear those three words No Evidence of Disease that so many other families hear , we are happy that Emily continues to thrive! She has been complaining of back pain when she bends over, but we are not seeing anything to accompany that pain. Emily can go to school and have friends and enjoy things, so we are happy with that. She wants to be done with treatment and we too long for her to be done with treatment! 12/23 marks 4 continuous years of treatment with no stops and she deserves to have this one day! We had hoped we were going to hear those three words though because we wanted to have a huge party to celebrate all that she has been through!! One day we will hear those words, but for now we will continue to hold her hand and fight with her!

She heard her friend Molly, that we had lunch with, was done with treatment and that she was NED for 34 months. She said she wished she was done with treatment like her but that she was so happy for her and that she deserves

it. Emily always amazes us with how strong she is and how she is happy for her other friends!

So for now Emily will continue on the DFMO trial and we will come back to Michigan for scans in late February or early March! Dr Sholler is happy with how she is doing so we wll continue on.

Please continue to keep Emily in your thoughts. Also remember that we are still collecting bandaids until December 15th, so send them on!! I don't think we are going to make the 5000 boxes this year but we are happy with how many people have helped and continue to do so!

Remember to hug and kiss your kids and tell them how much you love them!!

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Sandy Daron
By Sandy Daron

Love ya,
C.O.L.E.s Foundation
(Caring Openly, Loving Eternally)
Email: sandy@colesfoundation.com
Nicole Leggett
By Nicole Leggett
Great news! So proud of her!!
Ray Hugo
My, how she's growing. And what a great smile! It's one of those smiles that "make your day"! Good job, Emily!!
Gail Doyle
By Gail doyle
Stable is good for now ,But we all want sweet Emily to be NED
4 yrs is a LONG time ,fighting so hard. It will come soon Emily
You're a strong girl and have gotten so big ,love your chic hair style
Keeping you in my thoughts always and praying you will be well SOON ((((((((((((((()))))))))) sn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxs to a sweet girl . Kick cancer where it belongs NOWHERE !!!!!!!!!!!
By kerry caulfield
YEAH!!!! stable is good!!!!!! hope u got the30 boxes i sent in yr po box!!!!! how many are you short? let me know when u get home!!!!!please!!!!
kerry olson caulfield--FB

GO EMILY!!!!!!
Kate Schwartz
By Kate Schwartz
Great news for your amazing girl!
Annabeth Gos
By Annabeth
So very happy for the good news!
Laura Mullins
Yeah for a good report stayed up past my bedtime hoping you would post! Still praying for sweet Emily & all the brave kids who fight every day! Have a safe trip home!