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Emily’s Story

Emily's Journey through Neuroblastoma. This all started on the eve of 12/18/2010. Our lives will forever be changed and it will never be the same, but we are strong and know we will get through this.

Thank you for your continued prayers, support and donations that help us get through this! Mail cards, gifts, donations, gas cards to: PO Box 5383, Midlothian, VA 23112

You can get up to date information on Emily's Facebook Page

Emily was diagnosed with Stage IV, High Risk Neuroblastoma Differential, n myc non amplified, favorable histology on 12/23/2010 and is currently in active treatment.

Here is a short version of what Emily has been through:


Emily still has so much more to endure, but she is a fighter.

We are constantly working on her webpage, and all entries are updated there. I will continue to keep you guys updated as often as we can.. For more information please read our journal.

We really appreciate all the love and support and prayers from everyone, I can't tell you how much they mean to us, and how they help so much. THANK YOU! Many are asking how & where to donate:

1. All donors may mail funds to the account at: Dominion Credit Union PO Box 26646 Richmond, VA 23261 Write "Emily Hubbel" in the check memo. Dominion Employees may go through the bank.

2. Go to www.emilyhubbel.com and hit donate now to be done through paypal at shannonhubbel@hotmail.com

3. Checks can be mailed to our PO Box with Emily's Name on the check to PO Box 5383, Midlothian, VA 23112.

Latest Journal Update

Some News

I will make this short and sweet!

Emily's scans came back great. We never receive good news and today we did. We needed this news because we worried so much!

Emily's scans came back as stable with decreased disease and some spots even gone. That is right...great news. They were not worried about the tummy pains or dizziness because they didn't see anything and scans do not show progression.

All the thoughts you guys put out for Emily proved to show all the love she has and she is one strong girl and she has her mom and dad to back her and fight with her. Thank you for all the love you send and all the thoughts you send because each one means so much.

Dr Sholler looked at us and said "whatever your doing keep doing it!"

Now we ask for you all to keep Brooke Hester in your thoughts because they didn't receive good news today!!!
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Princess Erika
By Princess Erika
Yay Praise God for a great update. Continuing to pray for Emily and her family.

God bless you all much
Liz Noelle
By Liz
Thank God I am so happy for you all! Emily deserves to be well! I am thrilled for you all!
Sue Koslovsky
By Sue and Jim Koslovsky
We continue to pray for Emily every day! Glad you got good news! We will add Brooke Hester to our list. Sending love, hugs, and positive thoughts for both girls. Love from Kate's grandparents in Toledo, Ohio
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Joyce Nosker
By Joyce Nosker
So thankful for your fantastic news!!!

Have been following Brooke and praying so much for her.

God bless you.
marilyn bergagnini
By marilyn bergagnini
Donna Efhan
By Donna Efhan
Yay! Awesome! Will keep praying for Emily and also Brooke.
Tom Baldwin
By Tom Baldwin
Awesome news. Glad to hear that Emily is healing. Will pray for Brooke as well. Love,hugs,and prayers!
Andrea Powell
By Andrea Powell
Thandi Nkomo
By Thandi in Cape Town
Thankful for the great news. Thankful that through your own trials you still think of others. Will keep Ms Brooke-boo in our prayers. I guess I'll see her update soon. I'm following quite a lot of you :-( Pity that such sites have to exist.

Silvia Vanni
By Silvia Vanni