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Emily’s Story

Emily's journey with Ewing's Sarcoma started in Jan 2008. Since then, she has gone to the prom and graduated from high school. Her next big goal is to finish her chemo regimen, and apply to Duke University in the summer of 2009. She wants to be an attorney and make lots of money to support her shoe collection.

Emily is an 18 year old beautiful young woman. Her journey began in January 2008. We found out about Emily's cancer on 1-4 after a month of back pain. She has Ewing's sarcoma. She was admitted to WFBMC on 1-8. The kidney was removed on 1-14. Since then she has started chemo and radiation at WFBMC. We ALL fight with our heart.

Emily and I welcome you to read more on her webpage. We also thank you for all your prayers, thoughts, cards and gifts. We know that through faith in God, prayers and positive energy, we will fight this battle with everything we have and win. Keep those prayers coming!

Emily's journey ended at 1:30pm on November 22, 2008. She was surrounded by loved ones as she began her heavenly walk with our Lord.

Latest Journal Update

It has been a long time

Hello to everyone who still follows Emily's Caringbridge Site,

It has been almost 2 years since I have posted.  I can hardly believe it has been that long.  It is not because I have forgotten Emily or the site.  I just have not known what to say.

September begins tomorrow, and I hope everyone knows, September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Please try to spread awareness to everyone you know. It is such an important cause, because childhood cancer research is still low on the priority list.  The reason is there are far fewer cases of childhood cancer than various other adult cancers.  No, it is not fair, but unfortunately adult research and drug trials are where the money is.  Please help us change this mentality.

Thanks again for all you do,



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Denise Lowe
By Denise Lowe
Prayers for you! Thanks for the reminder of September being N. Childhood Cancer awareness month!
God Bless you!