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Emily’s Story

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Emily has been suffering from severe headaches. In April, Emily had MRIs performed that revealed some abnormalities in her brain that were restricting the flow of spinal fluid and had been the cause of the fluid pressure building up.

Phase 1 –

During April, Emily has spent all by a few days at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Emily has had three different brain surgeries to relieve the pressure to her brain (hydrocephalus). In addition, biopsies were taken during the first surgery.

For the most recent surgery, Dr McKhann and Dr Anderson were able to successfully preform an Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy (ETV) to help the fluid drain.


Phase 2 –

Emily’s brain tumor is a Gliomatosis, a very rare primary brain tumor. She has most likely had it for years.

Due to it's rare location and composition, removal is not an option. It is a low-grade tumor and she has time to learn about different treatment options and make decisions without rushing. 

Emily is currently focused on recovering from her surgeries in the last few weeks and has not made plans to see Drs yet but will do so over the next few weeks. Emily’s Dr’s have said they have never seen a tumor like hers, so we know that we have a unique path and journey ahead of us.

Latest Journal Update

5th Annual NY Brain Tumor Walk - It's that time again.

Good Afternoon!

We have just under 4 weeks until the 5th annual NY Brain Tumor Walk! Team Sweet Emily needs your help to continue Emily’s fight to raise awareness and research dollars for brain tumor cures.

Please remember to sign-up for the walk and start your fund raising. It’s never too late. We have a fabulous tee shirt this year. It’s the same one as last year, so please bring it with you to the walk as we will not order new t-shirts this year. If you are new to the team or have worn your old one out, please contact me or Alice as we do have a few t-shirts left from last year. For those of you attending the walk, it will be held Saturday, June 20, 2015, 20 Randall’s Island Park, New York, NY. Registration starts at 9 AM and the walk itself will start at 10:30 a.m.

Many companies match charitable donations so remember to complete the paperwork. Every dollar counts, both for Team Sweet Emily, but to the greater goal of a cure for brain tumors.

Would you consider sending the link below, or rewriting it from your perspective, to your friends, co-workers, church members and work colleagues? We need your help to reach her goal.

To donate to Team Sweet Emily, NY Brain Tumor Walk:

You can read more about Emily’s journey here:

Alice, Robert and I appreciate your many prayers, notes of support and condolence and fundraising efforts.

Fondly, Mack


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