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Emily’s Story

Thank you for visiting Emily's CaringBridge website! It is a place where friends and family can get updates on her health as she overcomes the obstacles that come with Cerebral Palsy. Please take the time to read the recent updates in the journal, as well as leave a message of encouragement for her in the guestbook! I promise to read them to her to remind her of all the people who love and pray for her!

My name is Emily Alexandria Thomas. I was born on April 30th, 2009... but my life is much different from other little girls my age.

I have a condition known as cerebral palsy. It is a result of a brain injury I sustained at only ten days old. I also have static encephalopathy, neurological devestation, cortical blindess, dysphagia, and tracheomalacia. I eat all of my meals through a port in my tummy that we call my "button", and will be having surgery soon to get a tracheostomy that will help me breathe easier.

Despite all these big words, I'm still a very optimistic 3 year old! I always have a smile on my face!