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  • Written Aug 4, 2011 10:42pm

    In case you are not in the area or did not read the newspaper this past Sunday, Ellie and our story made the front page. Go to OrlandoSentinel.com and write Ellie Sutherland in the search. The story, video of the interview and pics, etc. should come up.

    I tried to post the link, but it wouldn't save it to this journal entry. We have already gotten quite a bit of inquiry's so we will keep you posted of the outcome.

    We know this too is all part of God's plan for Ellie and our family.

    In HIs love, Marsha




  • Written Jul 16, 2011 2:32am

    Still in a fog as reality sets in...your continued prayers are greatly needed and appreciated. WE truly need peace and strength during this difficult time. The video that was played at the funeral is under the link above called RESOURCES for those who could not attend or have not seen. Click on the last link and it will be the last video

     Prayers, Marsha




  • Written Jun 27, 2011 2:12am

    As most of you have heard...our sweet, precious, angel, Ellie, flew up to heaven early Sunday morning. I found her in her crib, warm but still, and not breathing, early Sunday morning, approx. 2:30 am. She was so quiet and still as I rushed her into her daddy. He tried, the medics tried and then the medical staff at Dr. Phillips tried...but I know she was gone the minute I touched her sweet body and couldn't hear her. She always had labored breathing, so I think that's what alarmed me.

    She had had a great week. We were so happy to get the news on Thursday that she was hearing with her aids at 50 db, which is conversational level. We were excited to get her brand new PINK hearing aids and now knew for sure that she had truly been responsive and reacting the last few months. So much laughing and smiling...we alll just couln't get enough of her. She was extra needy for my attention the last two days, so I am so glad God let me spend that extra quality time just snuggling with her and holding her...what she craved most out of life ...the memories are invaluable.

    Of course it is natural for all the "what if''s" to kick in...so I am trying as a mother and Christian, NOT to go there...but it is human and that is why I am so appreciative of all your sweet messages and texts and phone messages. Pray for our peace and strength...as parents we are devastated and all the children are sad, confused and so upset as well.
    We are all so shocked and brokenhearted....we know she is healed and whole and in heaven sitting with Jesus....but we are selfish and want her here....no one can ever be prepared for something like this or ever completely be the same.

    We love you all and are so glad Ellie's life was able to touch so many as it touched ours...we will let you know the services as we do...we just spent today as a family and dealt with the shock...and my two weren't even in  town...so  I had to tell them the hardest news possible over the phone..."Jesus decided to take Ellie to heaven...we know she was our angel here on Earth...now she has her wings". They are all here with us now and I think each other's strength, laughter, memories and tears will continue to hold us all together.

    Love and Prayers, in HIS name, Ellie and the Sutherland Family :).


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