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Ellie’s Story

Thanks for all your prayers and encouraging words!!
Marsha FBO Ellie Sutherland Acct.# 4941736469
Address:  5066 Winwood Way; Orlando, Fl. 32819

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Ellie Marguerite Sutherland was born 8/30/07 on a hot and beautiful August day. She was a little early as her original due date was supposed to be 9/11/07. I was glad she was early as my other two were early and I was experiencing a lot of cramping. The Dr. decided to go ahead and induce because of complications with my first boy being so large. Everything went very smoothly as Ellie arrived @ 6:11p.m at a whopping 6Lbs 10 ozs. :) But soon we knew something was very wrong when the nurses only let Ellie stay on my belly for a few precious seconds before whisking her away ...She was under respiratory distress and was quickly transferred to the NICU where she would spend the next 25 days.

The next two days were spent trying to get Ellie to eat, and mention of "bleeding of the brain" and siezing arose. Ellie underwent extensive testing, and two of our now "team" of specialists came on board. A neurologist(brain) did Ellie's first of many EEG's ( test of electrical activity in the brain). This showed a right hemorrhage of the brain, which has now dissipated.

Ellie's main issues were seizures, which stopped within the first week, and feeding/swallowing difficulties. After a long week, she was moved to another lower level of intensive care. We now had a O.T. visiting regularly to help with feeding. Ellie continued to progress, except for feeding issues, and it was determined that Ellie had a rt. facial palsy and severe torticollus(head stays down to the shoulder). The "tort" was the worst any of the Dr.'s had ever seen in a newborn. Could this be why the palsy? We were optimistic, but NO ONE knew?? The neurologist suspected damage to the 7th, 11th, and possibly, 6th cranial nerve. A geneticist was called in and was the first optimistic Dr. to say that this could be a "Pressure Point Phenomenon" that occurred in utero. She felt that the facial palsy was temporary not a paralysis, ( which we didn't know there was a difference) Ellie needed aggressive physical therapy and could possibly be fine some day. At this time, everything was improving except the feeding issue, so they put in a G-tube( feeding tube that goes directly into the stomach) and we finally came home!

We were home for about a month and Ellie had to be rushed back to the hospital. This time Arnold Palmer, for respiratory issues all due to a cold. Then again at 5 months, Ellie had a stomach bug and went into severe distress. This week long visit back to Arnold Palmer was the first we heard of any significant devoloment delay, failure to thrive and low muscle tone. The first talk of a Mitochondrial Disorder was brought up.

We still have no diagnosis however, Ellie improves in every area, though her hearing loss has been determined. She currently sees several different specialists: two geneticists, neurologist(brain), GI(digestive system), ophthalmologist(eyes) and ENT(ears, nose and throat). She also got approved for a physical therapist (1 hr), speech (1/2) and O.T.(1 hr) to come out to the house. They are a large part of why Ellie continues to progress and have become like family, loving us all through this process.

We are so grateful for every moment with Ellie and so happy she is home with us. We are in awe of her beautiful, crooked smiles and ecstatic of her eating solids and milk by mouth! She loves to suck on her thumbs and hands and has the longest, most gorgeous eyelashes and eyes in the world!

We know God made Ellie in His perfection and He never makes mistakes! We are the lucky ones to be her parents! We are even closer now, and have a whole new outlook and understanding of Faith, Hope, Love, Strength, Compassion, and Preserverence. SHE is so can we not be? I think we all have a tendency to take so much for granted, but Ellie has taught me to appreciate all those little precious moments. ( A coo, a smile, a touch, and that wonderful and unique baby smell)

I have also learned that nothing impacts the impossible like prayer..."prayer is invading the impossible"

"With God nothing will be impossible" Luke 1:37

" But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint." Isiah 40:31

Latest Journal Update


In case you are not in the area or did not read the newspaper this past Sunday, Ellie and our story made the front page. Go to and write Ellie Sutherland in the search. The story, video of the interview and pics, etc. should come up.

I tried to post the link, but it wouldn't save it to this journal entry. We have already gotten quite a bit of inquiry's so we will keep you posted of the outcome.

We know this too is all part of God's plan for Ellie and our family.

In HIs love, Marsha