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"Specialize in Kindness" -Ellie Potvin

In memory of Ellie this Christmas Season ...

We have been working together to share her love and childlike faith in midst of our brokenness.

"Specialize in Kindness" - Ellie Shoal Potvin

Our goal has almost been reached to send 26 Sandy Hook families a beautifully framed and matted Guardian Angel Print.

If you are interested in supporting us in reaching this goal... Please purchase a piece of Ellie's Art or make a donation! Thank you.

Special 2 Day Sale on Ellie's artwork!

Purchase today Ellie's Pinky Power and Blue Moon Artwork for only $40.00 (original price: $75.00)

All Holiday Print packages include:

Ellie Art Print
"Specialize in kindness" photo button
"In it to win it" bracelet
Angel notecards.

Please go to link to see Ellie's artwork or to make a donation toward Sandy Hook fundraiser! Thank you. XO

Our hope is to send these 26 families a beautifully framed and matted Guardian Angel Print by New Years!

At a time words have no meaning...
We hope to offer a glimpse of the beauty of heaven painted by a child's heart. May it act as a reminder that their precious child is safe, loved and at peace in the arms of God. And they now have their sweet child acting as their own Guardian Angel.

Thank all who have made a donation or purchased an Ellie button, wrist band, Guardian Angel notecards or one Ellie's 5 paintings.

As for Team Potvin...

What a Blessed Christmas 2012! Hold on to you faith, have hope in tomorrow, lean of God and know that his love is never ending.

No matter my heartache the holiday season brings ... I have great joy and peace knowing the greatest EVER - All my Love for my 3 daughters in Heaven and on earth!

Blessings to all you love,


Amy Potvin, CCLC
Christian Life Coach