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Ellie’s Story

Ellie Fundraising Website: Lift Up Ellie! Thank you for your words and prayers to "Lift Up" Ellie! I invite you to walk with us in our journey called "cancer" ... we experience sadness, fear, grief, anxiety and incredible blessings. We are in a fight for our daughter's (twin) life. We believe in God and Miracles.     Someday, I will use this journal to write a book in hopes to bring awareness and greater depth of compassion and understanding to those families fighting cancer.  God Bless! Please see my (July 4th) first journal entry to support a mothers plea/ prayer for God to heal our Ellie.

Our Ellie was perfectly happy, energetic, tanned and appeared healthy... not a symptom but a dull leg ache for the last few months. What was dismissed for growing pains was the ugly tumor growing silently in her lower left pelvic area...pressing on the leg nerves. From there cancer metastasized into her lungs.

Our innocent, kind and sweet Ellie (a twin), at six years old has are rare pediatric stage 4 (Rhabdomyosarcoma) cancer in her trunk and lungs. I found a hard lump in her pelvis area on the evening of July 2, 2008 while powdering her before bedtime. Ellie's twin sister is Grace, they are best of friends and rarely leave each others side. Our family asks for your prayers for God to heal Ellie. We do need a miracle. Ellie began her cancer treatment on Saturday, July 5th. She had completed 30 straight days of radiation to her lungs and abdomen by end of October 2008.  Ellie completed a total of 42 rounds of Chemo through May 2009. 

Ellie was an inspiration to many and kicked cancers butt - Remission in June 2009.

Sadly, less than 3 months later, Our Ellie is back where we began with tumors in her lungs and the same tumor in her abdomen growing again.

We started a new chemotherapy treatment as our second line of therapy... it failed to work.  Now we are looking for the cure.
This will be decided over the next week... we hope.

But we must hold strong to the faith and belief that God can heal our daughter... Ellie does not need medicine. Cancer does not have a chance next to God.  For such a scary name, it is just a weak bully when compared to our almighty father in heaven and earth.

We wait for a miracle... Why not Our Ellie?  We pray.

Latest Journal Update


Our Ellie Angel specialized in Kindness. I am honoring the memory of our Ellie in my ministry to help others find blessings and purpose in their personal brokenness. Through faith, love and hope, I am following my passion since I graduated with my degree in Psychology from college. Blessed over the past 4 years, since our Ellie gained her angel wings, to become a Christian Life Coach.  What a joy to meet with once a week, by phone, beautiful women in need of Lifting Up and support around the United States. I thank God for showing me a way to bring some higher purpose to such heartache and grief.  Missing our Ellie very much, especially as my twins birthday approach this coming Halloween. Amazing to think that Grace will be turning 13 years old and Ellie is forever 8 years in Heaven. Our Rainbow Baby, Ava, will be turning 3 years old in December. Sincerely, my family's life has gone through so many transformations over the past years.

Grief is not a journey - It is a surreal twisted mountainous climb that knows no boundaries and effects every area of your life.  It is ongoing and truly at this point I find their is no healing. But, over time God makes you stronger to carry the burden and mend yourself, your family and your life back together - With glue or a needle and thread.  I truly am grateful and praise our Heavenly Father.  God's grace has been more then sufficient to meet our family needs.  We are all still together and Grace is thriving!  In that alone... I can say, "I still believe in Miracles."  Some day, I hope to write a book on life after childhood cancer and the walk of grief through my eyes, my mind, my heart and my soul.  But as for now, I have just recently re-entered the social media world and been posting on FB. Should your desire... friend me. Scroll down to the beginning of my Sept. 2014 posts and I would love to start catching up with so many of you. You will forever be my amazing CB Prayer Warriors who truly cared for me and my family in spirit. I thank you so very much for your love and devotion to walk with us through our greatest heartache, trials and tragedy.  As we have discovered together over those 2 years ... In the darkest of times, when your eyes are lifted to the Lord, Gods grace is is our ointment to continue on.  Forever thankful.  Our family experienced light and so many blessings. Joy is a supernatural light that God shines ... one that will allow the storm clouds to lift even during the darkest storms of our life.  Allowing you to have Hope in the moment to face the rain - OR more clearly a destructive grimacing and fearless tornado racing toward you. But in God we TRUST!

My heart led me here today to share with you my facebook link -

Blessings to all you love in this world,

Amy Potvin

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Joe & DeAnna Jordan
By Joe & DeAnna Jordan
Hi Amy, it is nice to hear from you and know your all doing well. I think of Ellie often; when I look at my painting , blue moon, or listen to her song... it has been a long time but still I some how feel connected. Surprising given my limited memory.
I rarely hear from anyone on c/b since most every one has won their fight one way or another. Far too many earned their wings and when I would hear of another person I find it too hard to share in their fight. I suppose that sounds bad but I never did or will take what you and yours went through casually. That may change but it's up to God, as for now I continue to pray for all those I met as they come to mind. I have cards with names and dates I peruse every now and again so even if no one hears from me I remember them (you) and keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.
I don't have facebook but if I ever do I will look you up. Tell Tim I say "hey" ; Grace that she is ever in my prayers, Ava is beautiful, and you... thank you. As usual I hope all this writing makes sense.
Lord love you and all you love, Joe
diane mack
By diane mack
i still wear the headband i got form you guys! glad to hear you have found a 'place'...........hugs, love, and prayers for you all!
Joanna Odom
By Joanna Odom — last edited
Amy, I am glad to hear from you! I have missed you & your family news! Blessings Always, Joanna
Sarah Nixdorf
By Sarah Nixdorf
So sweet. Thinking of you.
Www.caring sarahnixdorf
Cheryl and Steve Corey
By Cheryl and Steve Corey
You write so beautifully, Amy....I can't wait to read your book someday! I am so grateful that you see only God's blessings. Some parents could have become bitter at such a loss; I'm happy that God has revealed His true self to you through this experience, so now you can help others. Your family is amazing! Thanks for sharing your story with all of us. I've followed your/Ellie's story from early on in your Caringbridge days. Our son is a cancer survivor. LOVE seeing your beautiful photos, too!
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Robert Sokolik
By Robert & Linda Sokolik
Followed you during the hardest of times and would love to stay connected. Our granddaughter is a cancer survivor. We remembered your sweet Ellie and send balloons to the heavens with a prayer filled with peace and love. Your family looks beautiful and we are so happy for you all.
Kayla Dickhoff
By Kayla Dickhoff
I followed Ellie's journey from the beginning until just after her passing when I lost notification somehow. My daughter Jocelyn fought rhabdo also from July 2007 until her death on July 6, 2013-the day after my 10th wedding anniversary. She turned 7 two and a half weeks before she died. To say this past year and a half has been a struggle is an extreme understatement. How do you find strength to make it through one more day??? Somedays i feel as if Ive lost my purpose.....
All of your girls are so beautiful!!! I wish the twins a happy birthday early! I can't imagine what it's like for grace to have to celebrate without her best friend. I know for my boys to have to celebrate any birthday or holiday without Jocelyn is extremely difficult! It affects them for weeks, sometimes months!!! Sometimes I just don't know what to do for them...especially when I can't seem to help myself.

Thank you for posting again!

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Becky Gardner
By Becky Gardner
I am glad you posted an update for all of us who care about your family. I have thought about all of you many times since your last post and wondered how everyone is doing. Grace is so beautiful and I'm not surprised at all about that. Ava is a beautiful little princess and your photo is breathtaking. You definitely have a calling with your sweet soul and heart helping others. God bless you for your service to others. Please delight us with more photos of your beautiful family.
Lesa Lackey
By Lesa Lackey
You are truly one of God's warrior's & you're an inspiration to so many people, including myself. I can look at you & be inspired by my own faith in God, to keep on going in my storm's of life. Ellie would be proud to call you her mom & I'm proud & honored, to be your friend.
Cindy Cunningham
8 years.......doesn't seem that long ago. To you it probably feels like forever. Since my friend's little girl from my hometown of Covington, Louisiana was diagnosed with cancer at age 2 & I found Caring Bridge, my life has changed. My friend's little girl lost her battle and it was so sad. I met Ellie & so many others as well. I felt the need to connect & hopefully touch someone's heart & help in even the smallest way. Of course I prayed a lot. I met so many people fighting for their child's life. I had never experienced cancer in my family....other heart breaks & loses, but never cancer. My friends little girl, Elizabeth & Ellie set me on a new path. They stirred something in my soul & taught me about cancer. 8 years....since then I find myself getting creative & mind storming finding ways to make a difference. It has changed me for the better & I pray I make someone's days just a little brighter by caring. Simply caring. Thank you Elizabeth & Ellie.
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