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Another Week Down!

Elizabeth went in last week (June 14- 17) for her official Round 6 of
chemo! This week was a little better. Elizabeth is beginning to come
around a little bit (or more so than she has been) and even went for a
walk yesterday with Sammy! Gosh yesterday was beautiful and I'm
impressed! While getting chemo, two of her friends (one from GHS -Emily-
and one from dance-Kara) came to see her! This definitely raised
Elizabeth's spirits! Both Emily and Kara were engaged, questing, and
extremely happy to see Elizabeth. I asked them what they would do in a
situation like this and they both said, they'd turn to Elizabeth for
guidance. Because Elizabeth is their true hero.

white and red blood cells, are still low, but they're not as severe a
problem as they were before! Yay for the meds! Regarding the growth of
Elizabeth's cancer, it did spread to parts of her abdomin, but the
higher dosage of chemo seems to be working beautifully! And I must say
with all that chemo hooked into her, Elizabeth has handled this all SO
well! I feel awful for her....With the dedicated support of friends,
family, and of course amazing strength from Elizabeth, we are seriously

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