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Elizabeth’s Story

I created this site to help keep everyone updated about the progress of my cancer. It is so hard to let everyone know about every doctor appointment. I hope this site will become a healing process for me and help me get through the rough days and make the good ones even better.

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I noticed a lump in the front of my throat and two on the side of my neck when I was about five months pregnant. I didn't think anything of it because I had read that it is common for women during pregnancy to develop a cyst on their thyroid. It wasn't until I heard of my cousin's diagnosis of cancer that I decided I should get the lumps checked out. I went through ultrasounds, nuclear scans and a biopsy in a matter of a month and got sent to a surgeon in Lexington/>/>. My diagnosis from the biopsy was a Follicular Lesion that could either be a cyst, benign tumor, or cancer. So, we decided to take the left half of my thyroid out on February 5th. During the surgery a pathologist looked at half of my thyroid and determined it was cancer, they then took my entire thyroid out. When they removed the whole thyroid they noticed the cancer had spread to 2 of my lymph nodes as well. They proceeded to remove those during the surgery. I have papillary carcinoma that is an aggressive form of cancer. It is common for the type of cancer that I have to spread to my lungs and or breast. I start a special diet and go off of my thyroid hormones on March 8th and begin what I call "hell week" on March 23rd consumed by 2 full body scans and radioactive iodine therapy. I have been blessed with my doctor, Dr. Ain who is not currently taking new patients but I got to see him through a "loophole" he has set up to only get new patients. He is world renowned in what he does and has been amazing with me already in my journey with cancer. I feel so blessed to have him as my doctor. I want everyone to know that I appreciate all the cards, flowers, messages and prayer requests. I ask you all to please continue to keep me and my family in your prayers as we start on this journey. March will be a very rough month for me so especially keep me in your thoughts and prayers during that month!

Latest Journal Update

Here we go again...

Throughout my cancer journey I was never one to hide my faith. I never pushed it upon anyone but always talked openly about the times I felt God the most. I don't even feel worthy calling myself a Christian because I know I fall short everyday, but everyday I am so thankful for a God that forgives and continues to push for me when I can't even push for myself. I was also one to be open about not always seeing God at the exact moments. I tend to see him present in my life after I can look back and reflect. But, I like that. I like saying "hey, that was you all along!" :) Which brings me to my next story. Here lately eating has become a struggle again. I've been getting choked where the heimlich has had to be performed and simple tasks like swallowing my medication was more than difficult. I have had pills lodged in my throat for over an hour while I waited for them to dissolve. Only causing more pain to my already tender and fragile throat. I got choked at Malones on my birthday with my mom. Thank goodness she began the heimlich and another lady stepped in to help. It's been very very scary for me. Being scared to eat or drink is no fun. But, that has not stopped me from gaining weight. Which is odd. So, because of all this new throat stuff going on I will be having the same procedure done that I had this time last year. For those of you that remember it was rough, agonizing and downright miserable! I was out of work for about a month, in and out of the hospital and could not eat anything. At a low weight around 106 my doctors kept saying that I needed to gain weight so at times like those I would have some weight I could lose. At that time I had none and my body had no fat to use up when I could not eat. So...Back to saying "Hey God, that was you all along"....I truly believe this whole mysterious weight gain thing was my body preparing for this surgery. Let's hope it is not as bad as the last but if it is, no worries, I got some extra pounds to shed now! ;) As always your prayers and love and support are welcomed and appreciated it!!  



Sandra Parido
By Sandra Parido
Prayers going out for you. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. May the Lord be with you , the Doctors and Nurses as you good through this procedure again and pray that it will be easier than last time.
Emily Cockrell
By Emily Cockrell
Praying for you Beth!! We don't know why, we just know He is who He says He is. Love you!!!