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Elijah’s Story

Eli was born with Shone's Syndrome, which is a series of left sides heart defects.  He has suffered one mild stroke and now has Subclavian Steal Syndrome.  To date he has had a total of 5 surgeries and we hold on to God as He prepares our hearts for the next one (whenever that may be).

When Eli was born we did not know his heart was broken.  At two weeks old he "crashed" (in the words of his cardiologist) and went into Cardiogenic Shock.  He had a subclavian flap repair to correct the coarctation of the aorta, a PA band in an attempt to correct the VSD and his PDA was closed.  We were discharged only to return one week later due to a delayed chylothorax from surgery.  After more than seven weeks in the hospital, one cath procedure, and two more surgeries we brought him home thinking we would never need actual surgery again.  God chose a different path and it was discovered Eli had subaortic stenosis and supravalvular aortic stenosis with a bulging muscle.  They resected the tissues on February 3, 2009, but discovered he had several mitral valve issues.  In an attempt to correct them, he "crashed" on the operating table.  God spared his life again.  He left the operating room with a moderately leak valve only to have it become severe three weeks later.  Nine months later they decided it was time to go back in and attempt to correct the valve.  Thankfully the surgery was a success.  He has been subsequently diagnosed with Shone's Syndrome and has Subclavian Steal Syndrome.  We are currently watching his subaortic stenosis since it has returned and it is currently damaging his aortic valve.  We are currently anticipating surgery again sometime between the age of six and seven.  God is in control and knows the future so we lean on Him as we weather this journey.