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Eleanor’s Story

Hi! My name is Eleanor Ruth Dickson and I am 2 1/2 years old. I live with my parents Liz and Jeremiah in Colorado Springs, CO. I have been having stomach pains for about 5 months and thought I had food allergies. My mama took me to see a Pediatric GI specialist and he found a mass on my right abdomen. The next day, 1/8/10, I had an ultrasound that found a 13 cm mass that engulfed my right kidney. The prognosis was kidney cancer. Later that night I had a CT scan that found masses on my lower lungs. On 1/9/10, I had surgery to remove my right kidney and I was diagnosed with stage 4 favorable Wilm's tumor. I start Chemo on 1/18/10 to kick cancer's rear! Please pray with me in this fight.

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-The Dillard's (Care Calendar) and The Morrow's (Eleanor's Fund)-

Latest Journal Update

CT Scan was Clear!!!

Sorry for the delay.  I called yesterday morning and found out Monday afternoon.  I posted on facebook, thinking Jeremiah would post here.  Really, there was no reason at all to assume he would post here.  So, here I go.  Eleanor has been in remission for 1 year!!!!  Big deal!  We are humbled.  And EXTREMELY grateful!  She did great going "under".  We had one of our most favorite doctors.  He is really good at his job!  And now we are home going about business.  
Jeremiah just started working for a new organization called Compassion International.  He is super super excited about getting to make his passion his profession.  And so grateful because we are very aware that it doesn't happen very often.  
Beatrice turned 1 in May.  We posted a pic of all of us at her party.  
Eleanor turned 4 July 11th!  And in between those birthdays we traveled home to MN for 10 days and Wheaton for 6 for my dad's 70th!  
It's been a great summer!  

Love to all of you!

Liz, Jeremiah, Eleanor and Beat-rice (our airline customer service rep actually thought that was her name...Hilarious!)