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Edward’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We created it to keep friends and family updated about Edward. As most of you know, Edward was diagnosed with bone cancer on January 4th, 2011.  As of January 21st we had a new diagnosis, Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma.  The good news is that, it is confined to just the one bone, the right femur and it is treatable.  Surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, January 26th.  Edward will have a difficult journey over the coming months.  Prayers and support from family and friends are what will help carry all of us through this difficult time in our lives.

Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma is treated first with surgery, then with chemotherapy.  We have the pre-op visit with the orthopedic surgeon and the anesthesia department in Philadelphia on Monday. Edward will be at school on Tuesday.  Surgery to remove the tumor and replace the bone is scheduled for Wednesday.  This will be followed by chemotherapy to eradicate whatever cells might be left.  Our goal, which I've been told is reachable, is still to have Edward walk into 5th grade as though nothing happened.  Please check in periodically for updates.  Again, your prayers and support are what will help carry us through this difficult time.

Latest Journal Update

Good News and a Busy Day

Today has been a busy day... but first the good news... the preliminary pathology report is back and only the 8mm nodule came back as positive for cancer and it was completely removed during the surgery.  The other 3 small nodules are not cancer!  The oncologist will probably do some additional scans but we know that Edward's lungs are clear!!  Please keep the thoughts and prayers coming because they seem to be working.

Now for Edward's busy day... after a mostly restful night (other than getting woken up for vitals every 4 hours), Edward ate a small but decent breakfast.  We did some recommended physical therapy to help increase the range of motion on his right side and to exercise his lungs.  Then he got out walking and did his first full lap of the unit.  After we got back to the room, we played some cards... also great PT for the right arm and shoulder.  While we were playing, the first physical therapist came in and put Edward through all of the exercises again, including two full laps of the unit.  He followed that with some chicken tenders (brought into the unit as a pre-Super Bowl treat).  He then took a well deserved rest.  When he woke up, we ordered some lunch and while eating his spring rolls, the second physical therapist came by.  This time they had him climbing up and down the stairs along with another lap of the unit.  When she finally let him rest again, he set up his laptop and enjoyed some videos and music and texting for a few hours.... and he's not done yet... While we were waiting for dinner, the nurse came in and disconnected his IV pain meds and removed one of Edward's IV lines.  That's right, he's now taking pills for his pain which is one more step on the way home.  All in all, a very busy day for someone who had surgery on Monday.

So, what will tomorrow bring?  Hopefully the news that we can head for home.  For now, he's watching the news and getting ready to go to sleep so that he is ready for whatever comes tomorrow.  Again, thanks for the thoughts and prayers and please keep them coming.

With Love and Hope,

The Migliores

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14 Comentarios

felicia cooper
By Felicia
what GREAT news! way to go, Edward...hope you are on the way home SOON!

prayers for healing...
Tina Damore
Great to hear the good news! We are all keeping Edward and family in our prayers. Edward is such a trooper and we are all so proud of him. Hope you Edward is hope soon!!
Tracy Lauri
By The Lauri Family
So very happy to hear this news. We continue to think of you all and pray for Edward daily. Hope that you will be back home very soon!!
Nanci Speagle
By Nanci ~ from Georgia
Wonderful news indeed!!!
A friend from Oklahoma just returned from Israel. Edward, you're the first person she prayed for using the prayer shawl she bought there! How cool is that!!! Prayers and praises for you all!
Carla Volpe
By Carla Volpe
That is great news! Praying for you Edward!
Claire Butera
By Claire Butera
Great News! It looks like you've we'll on your way to getting out of there! So happy to hear about Edward's great recovery. We'll continue to send positive thoughts and prayers your way!
Joanne Reilly
Such wonderful news......will keep prayers coming!!
Alicia Cannon
That is excellent news! I hope tomorrow is even better for all of you, Great Job, Edward!!
Ellen Genetelli-Noel
By Ellen
Never a doubt in my mind, Edward is strong and brave,,way beyond his age! Edward is the Boss! So proud of you!