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Growth Plate Has Not Closed...Yet

The good news is that the growth plate at the top of Edward's right tibia appears to still be open.  This means that we still may see some growth from it.  However, we don't know how much, how quickly or for how much longer.  We also don't know why there is a problem with the growth in this area of Edward's leg.  It's so frustrating!

Edward's doctor is going to consult with another orthopedic surgeon at CHOP that specializes in the bones in the lower leg to see if he has any insight into the cause of this problem or a solution.  He is also going to examine all of the scans to track the growth in Edward's legs.  Then take that information along with information regarding his bone age and crunch the numbers to see if he can determine the best time for surgery.  

Yes, unfortunately surgery still seems to be the best solution.  The only questions are when and on which bones first.  The doctor told us to figure sometime between 6 months and 1 year from now, but he should have a better estimate once they crunch all the numbers.  Edward will probably have to have surgery on the fibula in his right leg and the tibia and fibula in his left leg to stop the growth at the top of these bones in order to allow the tibia in the right leg a chance to catch up.  Then, there is still a possibility that he will need surgery on the bottom of the left femur too (if it starts to out grow the right femur).  I just can't believe it!

No more follow-up appointments are currently scheduled.  We are now waiting to find out the results of the consultation and the number crunching.  Please keep Edward in your prayers.  Hopefully I'll have an update in the next week or two.

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With Love and Hope for a Cure,
The Migliores

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Linda Saylor
By Linda Saylor....and Steven Spennato
No child should have to endure all this. I just feel sick for him and your whole family. I always say prayers for him.
anne marie romano
Hello Carol and Edward! I must have missed some of your last posts, but saw this one in my junk mail so made sure to move the address to my safe list so I will not miss anymore.
I am so sorry to hear that there will most likely be upcoming surgeries..I know this is not what you want to hear. I will continue my prayers for Edward and all of you as it must be frustrating and stressful to be looking ahead to this... I have faith in the wonderful doctors at CHOP that they will be able to do what is best for Edward!! we look forward to seeing you in church each week!
Claire Butera
By Claire Butera
We will continue to keep Edward in all prayers!
Debra Knox
As always Edward, you are in my prayers and I leave you in the Palms of His Loving and Healing Hands, May God bless and protect you always.
With all my love, Mrs. Knox
Chris Schwarz
By The Schwarz Clan - Bill, Chris, Trevor, Travis, Shawna, Thomas and Shanon
<3 We are all praying!