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Edward’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We created it to keep friends and family updated about Edward. As most of you know, Edward was diagnosed with bone cancer on January 4th, 2011.  As of January 21st we had a new diagnosis, Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma.  The good news is that, it is confined to just the one bone, the right femur and it is treatable.  Surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, January 26th.  Edward will have a difficult journey over the coming months.  Prayers and support from family and friends are what will help carry all of us through this difficult time in our lives.

Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma is treated first with surgery, then with chemotherapy.  We have the pre-op visit with the orthopedic surgeon and the anesthesia department in Philadelphia on Monday. Edward will be at school on Tuesday.  Surgery to remove the tumor and replace the bone is scheduled for Wednesday.  This will be followed by chemotherapy to eradicate whatever cells might be left.  Our goal, which I've been told is reachable, is still to have Edward walk into 5th grade as though nothing happened.  Please check in periodically for updates.  Again, your prayers and support are what will help carry us through this difficult time.

Latest Journal Update

NEDward is Back!

We got good news today!  The PET/CT scans came back showing No Evidence of Disease...N.E.D.!  Thank you for all of the prayers!!

However, while we are rejoicing, we will never truly find comfort in NED again...no evidence of disease means just that...there is nothing there that can be seen.  Unfortunately, as we have just experienced, there can be something there, unseen for 4 years...or more.  So, while I am happy, I am not comfortable.

Also, while there is no evidence of disease, the scans technically were not "clear".  There is a very small spot on the left lung, yes, the other lung...but don't jump to conclusions...there actually has been a small spot on the left lung since April, 2011.  It shows up on CT scans but is too small to show up on X-Rays.  What we are trying to find out now is if the small spot found now, is the same small spot that was there before.  Edward's last CT before January was in June of 2012 and the technology has improved quite a bit since then.  The techniques being used now make it difficult to compare it to the older scans.  So, while the doctor's don't believe it is evidence of disease, we will wait and watch it.

The other thing that we are waiting on is the genetic testing that is being done.  Hopefully, those results will arrive in the next few weeks.  So for now, we wait, we watch and we celebrate this good news.

With Love & Hope,
The Migliores

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Nanci Speagle
By Nanci ~ from Georgia
I praise God and stand on the belief that NED is just that! God has something VERY special in store for you young man. Remember this ~ the world steps aside to let any man pass who knows where he's going! To honor Dr. Seuss's upcoming birthday ~ Oh The Places You'll Go! Onward and Upward! Blessings to you and your family.
Stephanie Straka
By Stephanie Headley
So happy for you Edward! You are truly a fighter and such a strong person! I'm proud to have you as my cousin! Love you!
Claire Butera
By Claire Butera
So happy to hear the good news!
Carla Volpe
By Carla Volpe
Such great news! Praise God.