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Edward’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We created it to keep friends and family updated about Edward. As most of you know, Edward was diagnosed with bone cancer on January 4th, 2011.  As of January 21st we had a new diagnosis, Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma.  The good news is that, it is confined to just the one bone, the right femur and it is treatable.  Surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, January 26th.  Edward will have a difficult journey over the coming months.  Prayers and support from family and friends are what will help carry all of us through this difficult time in our lives.

Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma is treated first with surgery, then with chemotherapy.  We have the pre-op visit with the orthopedic surgeon and the anesthesia department in Philadelphia on Monday. Edward will be at school on Tuesday.  Surgery to remove the tumor and replace the bone is scheduled for Wednesday.  This will be followed by chemotherapy to eradicate whatever cells might be left.  Our goal, which I've been told is reachable, is still to have Edward walk into 5th grade as though nothing happened.  Please check in periodically for updates.  Again, your prayers and support are what will help carry us through this difficult time.

Latest Journal Update

Getting Better

Today was a somewhat better day than yesterday simply because Edward's chest tube came out.  Surgery on the lung is especially painful because of the chest tube and because you can't immobilize your lung... you have to breathe which makes the lung move and movement hurts.  Edward has always had issues with pain medicine causing nausea and sleepiness.  With the surgery and chest tube, the pain levels were high so the pain meds had to be high which meant the nausea and sleepiness was almost constant.  Now that the chest tube is out, the pain levels are a little lower allowing Edward to cut back some on his pain meds allowing him to finally eat something.

With the chest tube out, he was also able to be moved out of ICU and into a regular room.  Right now we have the room to ourselves but it is meant for two patients so we could get "roommates" at any time.  Edward is of course anxious to go home.  To do that he needs to move from IV pain meds to pills.  To do that he needs to eat.  So our focus is keeping the pain down while also trying to eat.  Edward's goal is to go home on Friday.  My job is to help him reach that goal.

Please keep the prayers coming.

With Love and Hope,

The Migliores

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Carol Stahl
By The Stahl family especially Keegan
Hey Edward,
Please tell your Mom what your in the mood to eat..Mr Stahl loves to cook. We will make you a nice homecoming meal.
Let Keegan know when your up for some gaming...its no fun shooting people up when your not online!
Can't wait till you are home!
laurie migliore
By laurie migliore
I am so glad Edward has a mom like you. I feel so helpless this far away….we think and talk about Edward every day especially with Jeanne-Marie
Janet Finch
By Janet Finch
So happy to hear he is improving, my thoughts and prayers are with you all everyday.
Rich McCarron
By Deacon Rich
Prayers and blessings!
Astrid Roig-Corcelles
By Astrid Roig-Corcelles
We prayed for Edward at Paul's religious ed. class last night. We will continue praying daily for healing and strength.
felicia cooper
By Felicia
hang in there...prayers for the healing and strength to have you home...
cindy luisi-napolitano
By cindy luisi-napolitano
Prayers for quick return home , healing and strength. Praying always for you all!
Diane Horan
By Diane Horan
Prayers that you continue to improve day by day and that you are able to reach your goal of coming home tomorrow!
Stephanie Straka
By Stephanie
You are so brave and strong! Just remember each day you will heal a little more and you'll be home sooner than you think! Lots of love from California!!
Ellen Genetelli-Noel
By Ellen
Edward, I am glad to hear that today was a bit better. Thinking of you! Continue to feel better, and can't wait to see you!! Your amazing!!