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Easton’s Story

Hi I'm Easton! I'm 10yrs old. I have a brain & cervical spine tumor (ganglioglioma) I've been fighting this awful thing since Oct 2009. I've done Chemo, Radiation & I've had 2 brain surgeries. My Dr's are awesome & my tumor has been stable since May 2010! (This makes me & my family really happy!) I had to get a trach to help me breathe better, & its working! My mom says its not my fault that darn tumor makes it hard for me to breathe. Sometimes I still get tired but I'm able to ride my bike now & that makes me really happy! We pray for a cure every night & for all of my friends who have cancer too. Thank you for all the love & prayers. I love reading my special messages!! Love, Easton

Donations to help offset medical expenses can be made at any Southwest Missouri Bank ( Easton Murdock Benefit account) or to Easton at 2046 E Sadie Lane, Joplin MO 64801

Thank you to everyone for your love & support!

Latest Journal Update

5 years...

Below with the pic was my journal entry 5 years ago today...
5 years! So very bittersweet. 5 years of pure hell, 5 years longer than we were told we would have him, 5 years of worry & sleepless nights, 5 years of Hope & 5 years closer to a cure... It's such a emtional coller coaster to say the least. It's so crazy how this day takes me back to that exact moment when I found out what was wrong with my sweet, frail little boy. He was only 5 years old. He learned what a port was & what days were chemo days before he learned to read. He knew what meds made him sick & what meds made him better before he could ride a bike. He missed out on so much of his childhood. It literally kills me inside to see everything he went through at such a young age, yet he smiled & made us laugh through some of the most difficult times. He told us " I'm not going anywhere" and from that point on, he not only amazed us, but his whole team of Drs! He beat the odds & I will be forever grateful. I'm updating this journal not only will a mixture of emotions but a very heavy heart. Two of my very dear friends have lost children within the last month.... to say life is precious is an understatement. Although my life is crazy at times & very unpredictable, I will take it any day over not having my children. I can't even begin to process what pain they are feeling, no parent ever should. I know my chances are closer than some to expeirencing that, but I pray I never have to. My children have showed me how to really live & how to appreciate life. Our life is not perfect but no ones's is! We try to live it to the fullest & celebrate every goal, every obstacle we've overcome! We are thankful for getting over every illness & every stable scan!
I still worry, I think I always will. It doesn't mean that I don;t have faith, because faith is what has carried us this far! I just have been way to close to loosing a child, and I will always worry for my children because I love them so much, I could not bare loosing them. So on this 5 year anniversary of Easton being diagnosed, hug your babies a little tighter... And if you see E you can hug him too! We appreciate all the love, prayers & support through this 5 year journey. It's amazing how God works through people! I hope that you will pray with me that Easton & all the other fighters out there will continue to live, long healthy lives!

Oct. 6, 2009
The Doctors took pictures of my neck and head and found that I had a Tumor that was making me feel sick. They are giving me steroids to make me feel better. They make me really hungry!
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6 Comentarios

Joyce Nosker
By Joyce Nosker
Thankful for 5 more years that you have had with Easton. May the 5 years be multiplied many times over of better health for Easton.
Marca Lee and Jim Murray
By Marca Lee and Jim Murray
You and your family are very strong. We are so sorry Ethan has had to endure all of this. Most of you pictures show happy children tho I know you have endured much pain.
ruth jones
By Aunt Ruth
That's a ton of love and prayers and we will continue, here in Ohio, to keep them coming. Love to all.
Lucille Mcnemar
By Lucille McNemar
You are an amazing family
Lucille Mcnemar
By Lucille McNemar
you are an amazing family
Russ and Brandy Russell
By Russ and Brandy Russell
May God continue to give you strength, guidance and peace!!
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