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We just got back from St. Louis for Easton's 6 week follow- up appointments, since his scan last month & everyone agrees that his tumor is still stable! He's had some odd symptoms lately, so we've been logging them & started a medication increase over the last 6 weeks & its really helped! Unfortunately there is really no way of knowing if this tumor is still alive & active, because at anytime it could start growing, and we know these types can do that, even years later. For some reason his neuro transmitters are dis functioning. Either due to just the tumor itself or side effects of radiation.

So for now we still continue to monitor & help ease his symptoms. His Pulmonary appt went really well, we talked about school starting & how all the airborne germs & virus effect Easton. It's so difficult at times because having the trach helps him in so many ways but he's so fragile when it comes to these airborne illness. So we have a plan in place to start him on antibiotics as soon as he starts to show symptoms. This will hopefully help during the waiting game of the trach culture results. There was also some question as to weather Easton could be aspirating at times, especially when he's tired. This is something we will also keep a close eye on & have to remind him when he's eating to take drinks, because his brain doesn't always tell him to finish swallowing. (all side effects of the tumor location)

We also had an appt. with Opthamology.Although Gabby wanted glasses & Easton didn't the roles were switched!! Gabby has great vision & unfortunately  Easton's right eye has gotten worse. So E will get some cool new glasses & Gabby will sport a fake pair, I'm sure!

I want to be very careful how I update this next issue, because Easton's privacy is also important to me, but he could really use some prayers in this area... He's been having a lot of anxiety lately. I mean the apple doesn't fall far from the tree?! I've suffered from anxiety for years, and when Easton was diagnosed it was in full force!! Although time, therapy, at times medication! But, most of all faith has helped me get through this. It's not always that easy for a child, especially a child with cancer to overcome this issue. He was only 5 years old when he was diagnosed. He's 10 now & things are getting real. He asks a lot more questions now, and at times very difficult questions that I don't always know how to answer. He gets very anxious when we go to St. Louis now & asks about 1,000 questions & needs to know the play by play as to what is going to happen. Can't say I blame him, I don't like surprises either! But this is a very serious issue & one that the Drs in St. Louis are even concerned about. We are going to try some therapy first & go from there. I ask that everyone could just say a special prayer for Easton's anxiety. No child should ever have to worry about the issues that go hand in hand with having cancer. I know we will get past this & overcome yet another obstacle... It's just what we do!! Thank you for all the love & continued support! TEAM EASTON!
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Shannon Becknell
By Shannon Becknell
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Joyce Nosker
By Joyce Nosker
Stable is very good, and so I'm very thankful. Praying for Easton's anxiety. I also have had years of anxiety and know how difficult it can be to be a patient that doesn't know everything about what will happen. Praying for Easton to learn how to manage this anxiety with therapy, or meds if needed. Praying also that when Easton tries on his new glasses that he will be so pleased to be seeing better than before.

God bless all of you.
Teddy Steen
By Teddy
I love you guys and I am praying!!
Lucille Mcnemar
By Lucille McNemar
Easton is in my prayers every night, even though I have never seen him I feel very strong emotions for him. I will add the anxiety part to my prayer. May God be with your whole family
Linda Brockway
By Linda Brockway
Praising The Lord for the good MRI results and prayers for help for his anxiety. God bless, Linda
Marca Lee and Jim Murray
By Marca Lee and Jim Murray
Are you beginning to look forward to school? Have a great school year!
Mary Ann Kalnin
By Mary Ann Kalnin
My heart breaks for Easton. He has enough to worry about. I have suffered anxiety for years. It has been so hard for some people to understand I am not doing this to myself. Since you know what he has been going through I'm sure you know how to support him. I take two medications and for the most part it is under control. I will continue to pray for Easton.
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Kristen Sylvan
By Sylvan
Missing you!