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Easton’s Story

Hi I'm Easton! I'm 11yrs old. I have a brain & cervical spine tumor (ganglioglioma) I've been fighting this awful thing since Oct 2009. I've done Chemo, Radiation & I've had 2 brain surgeries. My Dr's are awesome & my tumor has been stable since May 2010! (This makes me & my family really happy!) I had to get a trach to help me breathe better, & its working! My mom says its not my fault that darn tumor makes it hard for me to breathe. Sometimes I still get tired but I'm able to ride my bike now & that makes me really happy! We pray for a cure every night & for all of my friends who have cancer too. Thank you for all the love & prayers. I love reading my special messages!! Love, Easton

Donations to help offset medical expenses can be made at any Southwest Missouri Bank ( Easton Murdock Benefit account) or to Easton at 2046 E Sadie Lane, Joplin MO 64801

Thank you to everyone for your love & support!

Latest Journal Update


I'm happy to report that Easton has done really well from a respiratory standpoint. I think keeping him home through the cold & flu season has been very beneficial. (This time last year he had been admitted 4 different times!) Unfortunately, he's had several headaches lately. He's also been pretty wobbly, I notice myself having to hold onto him again when hes walking. He even mentioned something to me today when he was getting a bath about all the bruises he has from running into things or from falling. He's also having increased fatigue. It's his "normal" to take a nap during the day but lately he's taking several hour to two hour naps. We have been very busy & on the go... Life with kids but I don't think it's from that, then I thought maybe it was due to a medication change, but today I spoke with his drs office & it's not likely thats what is causing the fatigue. He's on a very low dose of an anti depressant that he takes at night & it shouldn't cause him to feel so tired. He also has a very high tolerance when it comes to medication. Although on the bright side I can tell a huge difference since we've added the anti depressant. I know some people don't believe in them, but I feel like I have my son back in a since. He's not as anxious & not as emotional. Hes laughing again, which is always good to hear! He's been through so much for a child to process, I feel like this helps him during the coping process. (He's asking lots of questions lately) He's also seeing a counselor who he adores! I'm so thankful that he's comfortable with her!

So with that being said, we will be heading to St. Louis next week to meet with the team & get a scan. The scan- xiety is definitely setting in! We've made it 9 months since his last scan. We've never gone that long in 5 years! It's bitter sweet. Although I have to admit I just have a weird gut feeling... I hope this scan proves me wrong! It's just not like Easton to have these many headaches... I'm trying to not let my mind go there. Forgive me but sometimes it's easier to say "everything is great!" Then to go into every detail of how things could be better. Don't get me wrong, some days are good days...but I wanted to update everyone so you can pray specifically for Easton & his needs. As well as his Drs. Thank you as always for loving, supporting & praying for my brave boy! We appreciate each & every prayer!