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By Juli Evers — Jul 27, 2014 10:36pm
Shared ice cream, memories and my happy memories of you with my kids and grandkids  Dylan.  They know you as the "snow cream kid" because it was you who awakened me to that tasty treat.  We don't have any snow right now, thankfully, otherwise that would have been our ice cream of choice.  Oh, and they know you created a cookbook, clued me in on Paula Deen, loved daffodils and cowboys and the guitar, too!  They also know that although school wasn't your favorite time of the day when you were in MN, you made the most of it while creating lots of laughter and good times!!!   You will always be one of my most favorite students and close to my heart, whether you like it or not!!! :)  Hugs in heaven!! 
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