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At 4 years old Drew was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor called Medulloblastoma.
He has had multiple surgeries, received 8 rounds of int. chemo, 3 stem cell replacements, and 8 weeks of radiation in Boston.

Thanks for all your prayers and messages!

This was all so sudden, our lives completly changed on November 5th.

We were living our normal life on election Tuesday,voting and food shopping, coloring, playdough everywhere, and putting halloween stuff away. The next thing we knew on Wednesday our life was turned upside down.

This all started a couple of months ago in May. Drew had occasional headaches and his eye started to turn in occasionally. As time went by Catherine noticed things about him changing. The way he watched t.v., the way he held his head when he would talk to us, and started to bump into things like he had a few coctails we would say.

Catherine decided on her own that she was going to take him to the eye doctors for an exam. During the exam the doctor found some swelling on Drew's optic nerve (pappiledema), the eye doctor went and got anotherr doctor to confirm what he saw. Her heart sank! After he was sure what it was, he told Catherine he was going to call A.I. DuPont to make an appointment for a neurology consult. We went home and called our own pediatrician, when I contacted him with the info he immediatly insisted that we take him to see a pediatric neurologist Dr. Bean.

The very next morning I was at work and our ped. called me and told us we had an appt. to see Dr.Bean. At the completion of his neurologic exam, there was concern and he wanted us to go over to A.I. for an m.r.i...........

Drew had to be sedated for the m.r.i. He was not too happy about the IV, but he is a very strong little boy ( with the help of Pokey ). One hour and 15 minutes into a 45 minute exam, Catherine and I looked at each other and knew something was wrong. I will never ever forget those words, " We found something on the scan, it's a brain tumor. I am so sorry. I don't know what to say to you, I am so sorry....."What?? This can't be real,NOT US!NOT HIM!MY BABY BOY....You have the wrong people we said. He just kept saying sorry like it was going to make it any better. Sorry.

They admitted Drew immediatly, and sent him to the pediatric ICU. Surgery was scheduled for 8am the next day. What a whirlwind.. After the 5 hour surgery, we were told that the Neurosurgeon, Dr. Warf, was confident of a gross total resection, which means he thinks he removed everything he could see. The initial scan, points in the direction that the mass was a malignent cancerous tumor known as Medulloblastoma.

There are alot more details, but at this point its pretty much a blurr. So, as it stands now Drew is recovering from major brain surgery that he had to remove a tumor. The tumor is believed to be Medulloblastoma. He also has Posterior Fossa Syndrom / Cerebellar Mutism (a temporary side effect from the surgery). We are waiting for the final pathology reports to let us know what road we are going to follow for his treatment chemo, radiation or proton radiation with chemo. We will keep writing journals to keep up to date with his daily progress.

Due to recent donations, and many requests from family and friends, The Drew Koenig Fund was established for Drew, to help with the costs over the next year for travel, medication, treatments, and accommodations during his treatments.

Contributions are being sent to:Drew Koenig, Wachovia Bank, c/o- Jermain Hatton 310 Dove Run Center Blvd, Middletown DE 19709

Thank-you again, to everyone for your thoughts, prayers and unbelievable generosity in this challenging time of our lives. Please keep Drew in your prayers and God bless him with a speedy recovery.


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