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Just a short one, as I'm consumed with Mary Tyler Mom's chronicling of Donna's Cancer Story.  You can find it here.  And the campaign seems to be working.  On it's first day, Donna's Story had 5K page views, and yesterday it was over 13K.  Donna is still teaching.

Today something beautiful happened.  Two things, actually.  I ran into my neighbors and we were discussing that by pure coincidence their daughter's kindergarten teacher is working on a Your Good Thing in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  The teacher got inspired because another student in the class has a mom in my carpool.  Small world.  I was telling my neighbor about it when all of a sudden we saw the largest, most beautiful, bright orange Monarch butterfuly flying above us.  It was gorgeous, and flying so high, then dipping down to say hello.  This was in an alley where we have never seen a butterfly.  Ever.  My neighbor immediately identified the butterfly as Donna.  I was moved, but skeptical.  Imagine that.

I got home a few hours later (I treated myself to a matinee of The Help just to get a break from cancer -- loved it) and Jay and I played and did puzzles.  A bit later, he settled down to his activity and I settled down to mine, the iPad.  I opened it up and this is what I found:

It seemed curious to me.  I am always struck by acorns now, since Donna's would be/should be 5th birthday when both of her closest playmates gifted us acorns independent of the other.  Jay had been using the iPad just before I left, watching a bit of Diego.  I read the article and was struck by Chris Dunmore's writing, but also what she was saying.  It captured everything about acorns that inspires me.  It validated the significance of the acorns coming to us on Donna's birthday.  It brought to mind the Donna's Good Things logo, two acorns. 

Anyway.  I read the article and was moved.  Then got curious.  How did it find itself on my iPad?  Jay was using it just before his nap.  My brother, who was watching Jay during the nap, does not use the iPad.  He is even less technically minded than I am, and that's really saying something.  I clicked on the back arrow and it was a blank Google page.  The search box was empty.  Where did the acorn article come from?  I called my brother and he confirmed that he had not used the iPad and that Jay is much more proficient on it than he is.  He said he used it once months ago, but couldn't figure it out. 

Where did the acorn story come from?  Where did the butterfly come from? 

I think I know.

Choosing hope.  We'll meet you there, girl.  We'll meet you there.