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Happy Labor Day, folks. 

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and as last year, I am documenting Donna's 31 months of treatment.  Each month of September I will write about one month of Donna's treatment.  Last year I did this on facebook with my 120 friends and encouraged them to share.  This year I am using my Mary Tyler Mom platform to raise more awareness.  In the first three days there have been 14k+ page views, so we're making some good noise!  You can read it here:

If you are moved by what you read, please consider sharing it.  The page will remain after the month is over, so it will always stand as a testament to Donna's strength and pluck and all around amazingness.  Those of you here know about Donna, but now she is reaching an all new group of folks who will learn from her just as we did and you are. 

And there are pros and cons to that.  I am hurting a bit reading some of the responses to her story on facebook.  Tonight a gal wrote that we should have stopped with surgery and that kids only do what their parents tell them to do.  A few days ago someone referred to our lives as a "train wreck."  Yeah, I won't kid you, it's tough.  But that is the internet.  As amazing and powerful a tool as it can be, there are loads of nuts out there.  I am working to keep focused on Donna and using her story to raise awareness that pediatric cancer exists, is terrible, and needs some champions. 

Choosing hope in September and every month, Sheila.