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By — Feb 1, 2013 8:59pm
Mary and Mark,

I just learned about Dominic this morning via Facebook, and I've been catching up on his life by reading this site (It's way past my bedtime :) but I'm hooked!). I've just finished reading two posts about disappointing meetings with health care professionals.  Since they'll never admit their wrongs, as a nurse, I'm so sorry for the way many in my field treat families like yours! It makes me so sad that I appear to be in a minority

who believe every life is priceless from the moment of conception. I get so annoyed with others who think it's up to us to decide what baby is 'compatible with life' and which is not! I worked as a pediatric homecare nurse for two years (I'm in grad school full-time now working on my PhD in Nursing; I want to research the genetics of undiagnosed syndromes and autism). A favorite memory of mine from that time was working with the family of little Ethan. I'd recieved report the evening before from my charge nurse about this little one-year-old boy with countless congenital anomalies; the doctors didn't know what to do with him because they couldn't figure out how he was still alive :) I was nervous as I walked into his bedroom, until I saw John 9:3 framed on his wall, "But that the works of God might be displayed in him." That verse is all I can think about as I read about dear Dominic!