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On Sunday, July 19, 2009, DJ, his sister, and Mom were taking a causal family drive in their SUV in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when a unfortunate accident changed life as they knew it.  His Mom lost control of the SUV, it rolled over,  and hit a tree.  The SUV burst into flames and they were all trapped inside the burning inferno.  Two very special local ladies (Joy and Kelly Rechlitz) were on their way to purchase a birthday cake for a family member and saw the burning SUV.  They immediately called their husbands (John and Joel Rechlitz) who just happened to be off duty firemen.  They were down the street at a family member's home.  The Rechlitzs and several other local residents immediatley came out of their homes to help.  They began breaking the windshield out and pulled the Mom and sister out of the vehicle.  They sustained minor injuries.  DJ was trapped in his car seat and the latch was unable to be released and had to be cut out by one of the brave firemen, John Rechlitz, that crawled into the burning SUV.  Little DJ was severely burned on his head, neck, shoulders, face, back, arms, and back of his hands with second and third degree burns.  He was taken to the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.



May 19, 2011 10:05pm

Dj and BB are doing great dj is growing up to be a buetiful little man and bb is a true princess,please pray for my grandmother as she is dealing with heart trouble.GOD bless all of you .DJSDAD


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