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Mi historia

Welcome Friends & Family. Being a patient is more than a full time job and I'm trusting that this site will allow me to keep everyone updated these next few months. Having battled the f-nhl beast for over 10 years and learned much, I feel I'm in the best hands possible here in Seattle at SCCA aka The Hutch. Cheers, dj

Hello Dear Friends,

Our dinner theather night out was awesome!! Thanks SCCA & ZinZanni for a wonderful show and an outstanding 5 course meal. I've not eaten so much in one setting for weeks. Of course, I ran out of steam and DH had to finish my steak ;-)

Well, I got my month off - though not quite in the way I expected. The spleen issue may be fungi, they're not sure, and I'm spending a month with anti-fungal infusions. Thankfully, I can do these at home and don't have to go into the clinic every day.

There is a small blood clot in the Hickman so today I get to learn how to give myself injections -ewwww! But then, I won't have to go to the clinic twice a day for them to do the deed.

My energy is recovering and I've been walking lots more. Will start yoga classes next week. I do so need to use every bit of this month to recover.

Thanks for all your good wishes, they are so helpfull. Hugs dj


dj carroll posted a new journal entry.

Onc visit yesterday went very well.  Didn't get the report for I've lost interest in the details for the time being.  All numbers approaching normal and no infusion ... Lea más

Jeri Milliken signed dj's Guestbook.

Hi DJ, Don't know if you see messages from here or not, but just thought I'd pop on to say I think of you often and I hope all is well.  I miss you on LLS lots. Hugs, Jeri  Lea más

anastassios kyriakakos signed dj's Guestbook.

I just saw your journal entries. I have no other information. Am trying to visualize your life since the eighties. AK Lea más

Rosezella Michalsky signed dj's Guestbook.

Hey Donna, I'm back from the east coast.  Was there for about two months.  My brother Tom with the brain cancer was getting worse and I wanted to see him.  Got to be ... Lea más

dianna scheel signed dj's Guestbook.

Hello Stranger!!!  I hope things are going smoothly for you... I notice you haven't updated this venue since August and I hope that isn't BAD news!!! I'm still scanning ... Lea más

Jerry Kartak signed dj's Guestbook.

Hi Donna, They took out the port-a-cath a couple days ago. It's been over 2 years since transplant and the scans are clean so I'm celebrating. Yippee! How are you doing? ... Lea más

Delores O'Mara signed dj's Guestbook.

Hey Donna, The sun is shining and I have a new(er) car and a funny story.  I was getting pretty tired of my clunker and we tried the cash for clunkers program and kept ... Lea más

Jane Cormack signed dj's Guestbook.

Hi dj, Just poking my head in to say hi and let you know I'm thinking of you.  I sure hope you're doing stupendously.  Many blessings and hugs, Jane aka:  Cookie Monster Lea más

Jane Cormack signed dj's Guestbook.

Hi dj, I wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you and hoping you are doing well.  Miss you, but glad you're taking care of yourself. Hugs and ... Lea más

Jeri Milliken signed dj's Guestbook.

Hi DJ, Just checking in.  I miss seeing your posts and knowing you're okay.  I hear you had a vist from Tex and I hope it was as enjoyable for you as it seemed to be for ... Lea más

Martha Smith signed dj's Guestbook.

Hi, dj! It has been ages since I've said hello. I've been moving my family inland to Corvallis, OR. We're living in an apartment - first time in a long, long time that ... Lea más

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