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Mi historia

Hello Everyone!

My story started June 25th,2008 with a diagnosis of Breast Cancer. I had surgery on July10th,2008 which was a double masectomy. Then my first of 8 rounds of Chemo on Aug 4th,2008. I had my last round Nov 17,2008 the day before my 39th birthday!  Then went 2 years without symtoms.  May 6th I was diagnost with the breast cancer back in my lungs, spine, ribs and lymph nodes.  Will do 6 rounds of chemo and see what this new drug does.

I found a lump in my right breast on Sunday, June 8th. I found it because it hurt. It hurt enough for me to want to take Advil every 4 hours. So that next Monday, I call the clinic and got in on Thursday. I see Dr. Halvorson and he advises me to go to Fargo and do a mamogram. This is a procedure I have done every 2 years since the age of 30. My grandmother died at the age of 46 of Breast Cancer and my mom had questionable cells at the age of 35. I am 37, so just two years ago I had a mamogram. It was clear. Plus, a year ago I had the yearly exam that was also all clear.

I had an ultrasound and that showed a black area of about the size of a quarter. That is a little scary to see! Right from the Ultrasound I went into a room and had a biopsy. That was no picnic! So the Dr. called me on June 25th with the results of the biopsy. I was taking pictures of the Parks and Rec department in the park. 100 and some T-Ball and Soccer players. All young kids. The Dr told me he had bad news. It was cancer and it was aggressive. Out of 9 on a scale of 1-9 my aggressiveness was an 8. Although that just meant that it was growing fast, not spreading fast.

From there I saw a team of Doctors to set up the next steps in getting rid of this. I did have to do Chemotherapy, but not radiation. My first 4 rounds of Chemo would be with one drug and the last 4 with another. Once that is done I will be on a pill for 5 to 10 years.

I would like to do reconstruction sometime and I am looking forward to that being my "prize" when I am done with Chemo. I would like to do the tram flap reconstruction. That means that they will take my stomach fat and make boobs. I will need to get a DD to take all the fat I want gone. Well, maybe more but lets not go down that road.


Diane Marthaler posted a new journal entry, "Final Thoughts".

Final thoughts28 years ago, God crossed the paths of two people in thisworld.  Toot and myself.  At the time, there was no possible way toknow or to comprehend just how ... Lea más

cindy loo signed Diane's Guestbook.

What a beautiful story, thank you for sharing.  What a beautiful picture of you both. Lea más

Christina Johnson (Anderson) signed Diane's Guestbook.

Scott,The story about Toot and you in nothing short of a blessing to each other. No one was put on this earth to be alone and unhappy after the passing of their ... Lea más

Kim Danielson signed Diane's Guestbook.

Scott,I am sitting here at work with tears in my eyes and sniffling.  What a beautiful tribute this Caring Bridge book will be to Toot and a tangible story for Ashlynn ... Lea más

Dawn Buckhouse signed Diane's Guestbook.

Scott, That was the most amazing post. You are so correct in every aspect of this post. No one walks in your shoes or anyone else's for that matter. Congratulations on ... Lea más

Deanna Marthaler signed Diane's Guestbook.

Scott,You have amazing ability to write, I think you making a book is a wonderful idea!  You have taught a lot of us to have Faith and to enrich in our own lives and ... Lea más

Lorri Tucker signed Diane's Guestbook.

Scott:As always, your writing ability amazes me!  What a story you have - what an incredible tribute to your lovely Toot!  Please know you are always in my thoughts and ... Lea más

Heather Edwards signed Diane's Guestbook.

I think writing a book sounds like a wonderful idea. If you need any help, let me know. (I'm a writer by profession.) Lea más

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Scott,    Thinking of you as tomorrow approaches, marking the one year anniversary of Toot going home to Jesus!  Our hearts and our prayers are with you!  God bless ... Lea más

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