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Diane’s Story

Hello Everyone!

My story started June 25th,2008 with a diagnosis of Breast Cancer. I had surgery on July10th,2008 which was a double masectomy. Then my first of 8 rounds of Chemo on Aug 4th,2008. I had my last round Nov 17,2008 the day before my 39th birthday!  Then went 2 years without symtoms.  May 6th I was diagnost with the breast cancer back in my lungs, spine, ribs and lymph nodes.  Will do 6 rounds of chemo and see what this new drug does.

I found a lump in my right breast on Sunday, June 8th. I found it because it hurt. It hurt enough for me to want to take Advil every 4 hours. So that next Monday, I call the clinic and got in on Thursday. I see Dr. Halvorson and he advises me to go to Fargo and do a mamogram. This is a procedure I have done every 2 years since the age of 30. My grandmother died at the age of 46 of Breast Cancer and my mom had questionable cells at the age of 35. I am 37, so just two years ago I had a mamogram. It was clear. Plus, a year ago I had the yearly exam that was also all clear.

I had an ultrasound and that showed a black area of about the size of a quarter. That is a little scary to see! Right from the Ultrasound I went into a room and had a biopsy. That was no picnic! So the Dr. called me on June 25th with the results of the biopsy. I was taking pictures of the Parks and Rec department in the park. 100 and some T-Ball and Soccer players. All young kids. The Dr told me he had bad news. It was cancer and it was aggressive. Out of 9 on a scale of 1-9 my aggressiveness was an 8. Although that just meant that it was growing fast, not spreading fast.

From there I saw a team of Doctors to set up the next steps in getting rid of this. I did have to do Chemotherapy, but not radiation. My first 4 rounds of Chemo would be with one drug and the last 4 with another. Once that is done I will be on a pill for 5 to 10 years.

I would like to do reconstruction sometime and I am looking forward to that being my "prize" when I am done with Chemo. I would like to do the tram flap reconstruction. That means that they will take my stomach fat and make boobs. I will need to get a DD to take all the fat I want gone. Well, maybe more but lets not go down that road.