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Devon’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update

We need more information, Devo!

 Another cold morning greeted Nicole and Charlotte and Devon this morning, the direct result of having the heat and hot water turned off as Jay tries to hook up the Devo Wing with the rest of the house!  Of course, the last two nights were the two lowest, temperature-wise of the year, so it just goes to show the old adage, timing is everything, can work against you, just as well as for you!  Nicole goes to yoga at 6:00 in the morning, just to get some warmth!  Charlotte only cares about Devo's comfort, so the inconvenience of the "chill in the air" probably doesn't register as much as it normally would, because she is so concerned and busy with Devo!  As I look back upon my life, I can remember that most of the times that I "whined" and complained about my particular situation were punctuated by idle moments and a feeling of "nothing better to do!"  If Charlotte and Nicole were sitting idly around the house, of course they would be more prone to complaining about the "no heat" and "no hot water" situation that they have been subjected to over the last few days!  We all tend to adjust to some of life's inconveniences a little better by staying busy! 

The Bible says in Philippians 2 that our attitude as a Christian is very important for demonstrating Christ-like character. Philippians 2:14, “Do everything without complaining or arguing so that you may become blameless and pure children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation in which you shine like stars in the universe.”  The Bible says if you have an attitude of being a grateful and positive person, and not a complainer, you will be so unique that you stand out like a star on a dark night. You will be like one in a million.  (Ron Corzine)

How we treat every one of life's inconveniences that comes our way is a choice!  We all love to complain a little at times, but by not wasting a lot of time on a little thing like no heat, shows me that Charlotte and Nicole's heads and hearts are in the right place!  I am going to incorporate that game plan in my own life, not only because it will showcase a winning attitude, but also because it might be contagious!  Wouldn't it be a better world if no one around you were complaining?  

Devo wanted to spell out a sentence to Charlotte today that has  us all a little puzzled!  He said, "see the date!"  We can't, for the life of us figure out what he meant, and he wouldn't help us out by further elaborating!  Nicole said that he wanted to check the date to see that he only has another month to wait until he gets to Florida!  My take was a little deeper and much more specific!  I said that he feels like something new or good was going to happen and he wanted to mark the date!  Maybe he's going to talk or move or do something that he hasn't done before, and he wanted to know the date at which it occurred!  Anyway, hopefully we'll find out more in the near future!  The date, October 21st, does have some significance in the Quigley family, but I really don't believe that it was what Devo was referring to! My mother, Dot would have been 101 years old today had she still been alive!  She did live to the ripe old age of 95, with all her faculties I might add, and did get to see the Boston Red Sox win two World Series!  She deserved it because she was a faithful fan for most all of her 95 years!  Happy Birthday Mom, we all miss you, and we'll hook up again in heaven, because I'm sure that she and Wally are waiting!  Angie just interjected that she thinks Dot told Devon today that it was her birthday, and he wanted us to know!  That would really be a supernatural sighting!  So we'll wait for more information from Devon, and in the meantime, let's all pray and keep the positive thoughts flowing!  God bless you all, Dana