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No confidence in our flesh!

It's Friday night, and Charlotte and Devon are nowhere to be found, and Nicole is at Milene's for a business/dinner/meeting, and I have no one with which  to share Mookie Bett's first major league grand slam!  This kid can hit the ball, and Devo didn't even get to see it!  Oh well, when he gets better, it'll be one of the things that I tell him that he missed!  I wonder if Devo will still be a Red Sox fan when he recovers from his "little" situation?  If this bump on his head makes him a Yankee fan, I WILL disown him!  At any rate, our lives are good right now!  Devo is ready, willing, and healthy, Charlotte loves every minute of every day caring for Devon, Nicole is embarking on a new career, one wrought with excitement and nervous anticipation, Angie has a new career reconditioning and refurbishing furniture AND houses, and I'm enjoying retirement by just playing golf!  And the one common thread that weaves through us all, is Jesus!  Our incredible faith has gotten us all to this point, the point where we all, including Devon, experience joy and peace DESPITE our circumstances!  If anyone doubts the grace of God, let him doubt no more!  This world does not dish out peace like we experience!  You can only receive it through the grace of God!  As I look at all that has transpired over the last three years, the SINGLE, most comforting aspect of this journey is the fact that Devo's heart and mind are in such a great place! The fact that Jesus has carried Devo to this place and time, has made our lives both joyful and confident!  

When we put our trust in God and His revealed Word, our lives take on a new stability, focus, and poise. A biblical self-confidence is really a confidence in God's Word and character. We put no confidence in our flesh, but we have every confidence in the God who made us, called us, saved us and keeps us.

Now you know!  We put no confidence in our flesh!  Our confidence and our joy is not dependent upon the healing of Devon's flesh!  Our confidence is in God, who made us, and saves us daily, and keeps us!  Upon believing in God, we know that His Word is true!  And every promise that He has made, He has made in truth!  And, this is what gives us the confidence, which in turn leads to comfort, and to peace!  Goodnight, Dana