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Stressful situations!

Hi folks, today was Nicole's first day back to her real job, and I don't think she was all that ready to go back to work!  If her stress level in her voice at 6:45 this morning was any indication, she could have used a few more vacation days!  And to add to the confusion, her car sat in front of the house, with, you guessed it, a flat tire!  Nicole, as she always does, was fashionably ten minutes late, as it was, so you can imagine the chaotic atmosphere that must have prevailed!  So the voice of calm, dear old dad, came to the rescue, and explained to Nicole why things were so stressful!  Imagine me, the old golf pro, giving psychological advice, to my daughter, the psychologist?  That would be like Chris Lovely giving swing tips to Rory McIlroy! At any rate, Nicole was calmed down enough to drive her mother's car the hour and fifteen minutes to work without any further meltdown!  Don't forget to gas up your mother's car when you return it, Nicole, even though it was probably empty when you got it!  God gives us so many little "tests" during the day, just so that we turn to Him in prayer!  Nicole has enough stress in her life normally, so you can just imagine throwing in the first day of school, her new business, and a flat tire!  

"When testing and trials come our way, we should receive them with joy, because we know that it is God who allows them to strengthen our faith. When we are knocked about in the storms of life, like the tree that digs its roots ever deeper for a greater grip, we must dig our roots deeper into God’s Word so we can withstand whatever comes against us."

Simply put, we will all face trials and tests every day, and as God gave Adam the gift of free will, we too, have the choice as to how we decide to process these trials!  We can freak out, and let our problems get the best of us, or we can, like Nicole, talk it out to a loved one or a friend!  I was honored to have been able to help Nicole out this morning, knowing darned well that in all my bad handling of my earlier trials, I have learned that we tend to manifest our everyday difficulties into far larger problems than they really are!  Yes, Devo has taught me what serious circumstances really are!  It's not "missing a cut", it's not blowing a tournament, it's not not getting a promotion, and it's certainly not a flat tire!  If we could "save" our stressful situations for the "real" tests of life, we would be in a far better place!  Just remember, being faced with trials every day is a guarantee, but getting stressed out by them is a choice!  When trials befall us, our only sensible response should be to turn to Jesus, and let Him on the problem solving!  It's what He lives for!  Goodnight, Dana