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Just waiting, and praying!

Devo had another good day today, but nothing like what promises to be a great night tonight!  His mood was good, his attitude was optimistic, and he had no problems physically, either with his coughing, or his flexibility and range of motion!  He is totally ready for a little shove from Jesus!  Jesus has asked him to trust Him, and he has!  Jesus has asked him to get out of the boat, and he has!  Jesus has promised that if he is patient, He will give him peace, and He did!  Now, as Jesus is awakening his body, nerve ending, by nerve ending, he is ready for more!  And just in case Jesus hasn't heard, Devo is at the front of Brenda Melucci's church, getting prayed upon by the congregation!  Hundreds and hundreds of prayer requests are being sent upon Devon's behalf every day, and we all, including Devon, believe that it is just a matter of time before Jesus rewards our faith with the ultimate act of mercy!  

For You, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive, And abundant in mercy to all those who call upon You.   (Psalm 86:5)

Jesus tells us in scripture to pray always and ask for anything!  We have certainly taken Him up on His words, and haven't stopped for three years!  The hardest part, no matter how faithful a follower you are, is the waiting!  I'm not saying this in a disparaging way, but in a factual way!  We will wait for as long as it takes, and that's a fact!  Speaking for myself, I'd just like to see Jesus give Devon a little more for which to be encouraged!  Maybe he has enough, I don't know!  This is his journey with Jesus, and I'm sure that Jesus has him exactly where he should be!  What do I know!  I request much more for Devon than I do for myself!  As a matter of fact, I'll bet we all ask more from God for our family than we do for ourselves!  Well, keep asking!  He wants us to, and we can never ask too many times!  It's not that He doesn't hear our requests, it's just that the timing isn't right yet!  If we believe that Devo's recovery is part of His plan, than through faith, we must also believe that the sequence of the timing has also been ordained!  Our job for Devon is to stay patient and stay positive, and always to stay FAITHFUL!  We may be in the early stages of his recovery, but as long as he marches forward, a little by a little, baby step by baby step, we'll be right alongside him, just like one of those service dogs!  Goodnight and God bless!  Dana.