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Pleasing Jesus!

Hi friends!  We are sitting in, yet, another airport, waiting to fly from Westchester, New York to West Palm Beach!   We did the Els for Autism pro-am, and boy did they raise some serious money! Ernie is putting in that new state of the art autism center/ school in Jupiter and needs $30 million dollars to get it up and running!  So far they have raised half of it, and after a few more pro-ams like the one today, he'll have it all!   It's pretty amazing to see these guys open up their pockets and donate so much!  It's one thing to have the capacity and the ability to be able to raise these kinds of dollars for these kids with autism, and yet another to do it!  As unfortunate as it is for Ernie to have a son with autism, God proves again that this situation does not go for naught!  Ernie obviously has a platform from which he can raise millions, and because God has put it in his heart to use this platform, thousands upon thousands of, not only kids with autism, but those families of those kids, will benefit exponentially!  His center will not only help these kids and families learn how to handle this terrible disease, but will help integrate these kids back into society!  You all know how cruel people can be to these unfortunate kids, so it's really important that they learn the skills with which to stand independently and not feel like a victim!  Nicole's life ambition and passion is dealing directly with kids with special needs, and her new company will certainly do the same work as Ernie's new autism center!  It takes a certain kind of person to do this work and I'm proud to say that Nicole is a natural!  Thank God that He is using Ernie Els and his platform to start this hospital/school/ center, and thank God for putting people in this world, like Nicole, who have the passion and the desire to impact these kids in such an amazing way!  So many kids are born with these challenges that go either undiagnosed, or untreated that it is becoming a serious problem, or  even an epidemic!  That's why what Ernie is doing, and what Nicole does on a daily basis is so important!  I don't think that either of them know exactly how important their work is, but they definitely will when they stand before The Lord!  He will say good jobs my faithful servants!

"The master said, 'Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Let's celebrate together!'  ( Matthew 25:23)

It is such an awesome feeling when you feel like you have done something which is out of obedience to The Lord!  It gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling all over!  But remember, you don't have to possess Ernie's platform, or Nicole's life passion to impact others and please The Lord!  You can do it simply by being nice to another human being!  It really doesn't take much to please Jesus, but it sure does pay amazing dividends!  Try it, you'll like it!!
Goodnight and God bless you all!  Dana