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I know I was inspired!

Check out the picture on the main page of Devon and me, from today's birthday bash! A couple of hundred family, friends, and visitors came over to see Devon and enjoy some food, music and birthday cake!  Devon got to visit with a lot of his old best friends, both male and female, a lot of our friends, and a lot more family members who found their way over!  I think every one enjoyed the day, and I know that Devon loved it, too, because he told me so!  He had some moments of remorse, I'm sure, especially when his old college golf team were all around him telling stories, along with his old Coach, Tom Brennan!  Chris Lovely traveled the longest distance in the shortest amount of time, he flew in from Florida this morning and flew back tonight at eight!  When it looked to me like he was "suffering" a bit, I would go over to him, and whisper in his ear, that every person that was there was there, not because they had to be, but because they loved him, and they wanted to see first hand how much their prayers for him were being answered!  I also told him that it was a natural reaction to feel a little overwhelmed at times, and believe me, with the memories that had been stirred up throughout the day, he had every opportunity to feel a LOT overwhelmed!  But he was extraordinarily engaged today, very joyful, AND very alert!  His behavior and his demeanor gave everyone who came to see him, EXACTLY WHAT THEY HAD HOPED THEY WOULD SEE WHEN THEY GOT THERE:  a work in progress between the greatest healer the world has ever seen, Jesus, and one of the most courageous young men with which He has ever had to work, Devon!  Devon was a rock today!  He didn't cough much at all, he laughed with so many of his friends, and I'm pretty sure that every person who left today, didn't leave with a sense of sadness or pity, but left lifted up by the spirit of a kid who really has very little reason for which to be able to lift other people, or so the world would have us believe!  It's all God's grace and mercy that makes situations like these possible!  

So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when need it.  
( Hebrews 4:16)

Is there any other answer?  Can those who have no relationship with Jesus understand this principle?  Can they relate to not allowing personal circumstances interfere with their ability to inspire and lift up others?  Probably not!  We, Christians are blessed and graced by God to possess the ability to look beyond worldly norms attached to suffering and tragedies, and fix our focus upon putting our destiny and our future solely in the hands of the Almighty One!  Devo is walking the walk, and staying joyful and optimistic and inspiring because God continues to bless him and show him the grace and mercy that He has promised, SIMPLE AS THAT!  What an amazing God we serve!  The day went well, and I'd like to thank everyone who came to lift Devo up, and I hope they all left, a little lifted themselves, and more praiseful of the One who deserves all the credit, Jesus!  Goodnight, Dana 

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Tabitha Quigley
By Tabitha Quigley
Happy birthday Devon!! Sounds like you had a great time!
Joseph Martirano
By Joe Martirano
A belated Happy Birthday to you Devon. You received the most treasured of gifts, to be surrounded by all your loved ones and their love.
Marc St. Martin
By Marc St. Martin
Glad Devon had such a great day! Our God is definitely an awesome God who we must praise and glorify constantly. 7 1/2 years later I am happy to say there is NO CANCER. Healing of some nasty radiation burns and strengthening on the way. On a somber note, I think you know Jim Piquette who ran the Par 3 at Firefly and now owns Mulligan's Island in Cranston. Jim was not feeling well and his wife Pat took him home and then to Miriam on Thursday. After examination, conducted a CT scan and sent him over to Rhode Island Hospital where an MRI was performed and he was rushed into surgery to remove half of a golf ball size malignant tumor. The other half was not taken for fear of massive brain damage. He was in ICU this afternoon and came through the surgery successfully. Obviously he and his family is at the beginning of a journey we are all too familiar with. Please add Jjim and his family to your prayers. God bless Dana and Devo! May the Lord continue to strengthen our faith and belief in his supernatural ability to heal those who ask in faith,
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