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Latest Journal Update

Another day, a few more challenges!

Charlotte already has found something by which she isn't particularly enamored in the new motorized wheel chair!  IT GOES TOO SLOW!  I really wasn't expecting this!  Nicole said that she feels like she might hit something because she can't get out of the way!  I would have thought that she'd be frightened by the power of it rather than the lack there of!  But if you really knew Charlotte like we do, she is never in the "slow down" mode, even when navigating Devo around town!  I'm sure she'll get used to the "slower" pace, but maybe it's a message that she needs to slow down a little herself!  

It’s time to relax, calm down, take a breath, and trust God.  We can’t move through life so fast that we miss out on all the important details. If we make life a routine, worship becomes less significant, because it is only an act.  We need to wait on God, because He has a plan for us and it is better than our own. We need to slow down and trust Him.

That new "slower" chair may not be a message from above, but....God does work in mysterious ways!  In this day and age, it wouldn't hurt any of us to slow down a bit!  A lot of nights when I get to bed, and I'm a bit tired, I have to remember to slow down when making my prayers known to God!  It is so true that, sometimes, if we make our lives a routine, even our times of worship are more of a "have to", rather than a "want to!"  We haven't gotten to that point in our lives yet, but part of that is because Christ Fellowship is so vivacious and alive!  It would be really hard to take our Saturday nights for granted!  We eagerly await them, almost as much as Tuesday nights, when Pastor Shaun is preaching!  Shaun is a better preacher than he is a golfer, if you could ever believe that, but just the fact that he has given up any thoughts of playing professionally so he could infect us all with the message of Christ, speaks volumes of his commitment to the Lord!  All kidding aside, the man can preach!  And he loves it, so we, who can hear him, are the lucky benefactors! He infects everybody with which he comes into contact, which, of course, reminds us all of the way Jesus was!  

Devo didn't have a very good day today, nor did Charlotte!  Devo coughed off and on all day, and Charlotte, who isn't feeling up to par, is very frustrated by the chair, both the speed and the adjustments!  She doesn't feel like Devo is totally comfortable in the chair, and it is frustrating that she can't find the perfect settings!  Hopefully tomorrow will play out more positively for the both of them!  Devo was also thinking of his first love ever, Ashley, which is also adding to the "gloom" hanging over the crew!  They will all wake up in the morning refreshed and renewed, and take on tomorrow's challenges as they present themselves!  I guess we all need to slow down and trust God!  Goodnight and God bless!  Dana