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Devon’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update

Staying obedient despite mounting doubts!

Some things never change!  Despite a very bad forecast for snow, and six inches on the ground, the girls and Devo were still out furniture shopping when we were on the way home from church!  Devo's bedroom furniture was delivered yesterday, and Nicole said it looks "so awesome", so tonight they are out "just snooping" around getting ideas for Nicole's new apartment downstairs from her brother!  Since its been three years, let me remind you all that Nicole has her own beautiful house 1000 yards from Devon and Charlotte, but Nicole has been living with the two of them since August of 2012!  She feels it necessary to be there whenever she is home...so we are building an apartment downstairs under Devo's new addition!  That way, she is just a flight of stairs away from her brother whenever she is home!  I'm sure the last thing she wanted to do at her tender age of "#%?!", was to move back in with Mom, but she has demonstrated once again her profound selflessness!  If you live long enough, you get to experience and witness a lot of great things in life, like generosity, compassion, and sharing, but I think that watching Nicole choose to "be there for her brother", instead of putting herself first, reminds me so much of how Jesus treated everybody, SELFLESSLY!  You don't "learn" that trait in this world, it is through the grace of God and the willingness to "love others as you love yourself "on steroids!  She proves every day where her heart is!  The  Devo Wing is looking pretty good now that all the furniture and tv's are in place!  Now I have to keep pestering them to get the HD hooked up and the rooms will be perfect, even though the curtains or shades aren't all up, and all the therapy equipment hasn't been delivered!  You can tell where my priorities are- tv's, bureaus, and a bed!  What more could you possibly need for comfort?  

Pastor Todd made a few good points tonight concerning the three deadly D's!  Delay, doubt, and defeat!  When we face the trials in our life, and no one is exempt, it is very easy to fall into the three phases of how we succumb to satan!  First of all, when a difficult situation arises, most believers turn to God and ask for help!  But in more times than not, His answer doesn't come right away!  We have to wait for His timing!  And while we wait, lots of crazy negative thoughts creep in!  In God's supernatural world, delay is not denial!  But we seldom think of it that way!  We consider the longer it takes for an answer, the less chance we have of a good outcome!  What we have to keep in mind is that God's timing is perfect!  So we HAVE to choose to faithfully wait for Him!  And the longer most of us wait, the better the chance that doubt will set in!  Delay and doubt walk hand in hand!  Neither are self serving pastimes, as they sink us deeper and deeper into the pit of despair!  It's so hard to stay positive when your troubles are magnifying while you sit and wait!  You don't think that help is on its way, so you sink deeper and sooner or later, you feel defeated!  In the same way that some of us talk ourselves into believing that we aren't good enough for God to love us, time spent waiting and eventually doubting, can make us feel like there is no hope!  Our mind can either lead us into a very defeatist attitude, or we can program our mind into being obedient and faithful, and let Jesus do all the worrying and the heavy lifting!  I don't know about you, but when I get knocked down, I'm going to pick myself up, and get back in the race!  And I have a feeling there is a kid at 145 Greenwood Avenue who believes the same!  No one over there in Rumford has ever felt defeated, so I'm pretty sure that their heads and hearts are in the right place, God's place!  Goodnight and God bless!  Dana