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Devon’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update

Devine reassurance!

Hi folks!  Devo, Charlotte, and Nicole all made it to the brain injury walk this morning, and it was the correct day!!  Just like I told Devo when he decided he wanted to be a golfer, "you are better off an hour early for your tee time, than a minute late!"  In this case, however, they were twenty four hours early!  No harm done, though, as the dry run came in handy, and I had something funny about which to talk last night!  But something very strange happened after the walk which bears repeating!  After I tell you all about what Devon said, I'd like to hear from whoever out there has an explanation!  I've never figured out how Nicole knows when Devo wants to say something, but she does!  So out came the alphabet board, and this is what he spelled out:  "J.R. was sick!"  When Nicole asked him if that was all he wanted to say, his next sentence blew her away!  "And now he is healed!"  Now friends, J.R. was diagnosed with liver cancer, exactly the same week that Devo had his accident!  So Devo, who as you remember was in a coma for four months, and had no knowledge that J.R. was sick!  This was three years ago (actually 35 months ago), and he has since had numerous surgeries, and as of right now, thank you Jesus, he is healthy and working and playing golf again!  But how does Devo know all that?  Why would Devon have J.R. on his heart and mind, today?  I will run my explanation by you all, but it is merely "my version!"   Being as I am, a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, I truly believe that maybe Devo was having a conversation with Jesus, about HIS OWN healing, and Jesus used J.R. as an example of what He is capable!  In my scenario, Devo asked Jesus if He were still able to heal him, and Jesus shot back to him about how He had healed J.R.!  If Devo ever needed encouragement and proof, here it was wrapped up in one simple sentence!  Jesus healed his friend, and fellow "sickbed patient", John Reynolds (JR.) and restored him to perfect health!   Angie and I are fully convinced, and have been since the accident, that Devo has had personal, two-way conversations with Jesus, and today the Lord made sure that Devo understood exactly of what He is capable!  How else would he have knowledge of J.R.'s amazing recovery, and why today?  No one up there mentioned his name, and he hasn't seen him for a year, so what gives?  I know if I were Devon, I'd have no reason NOT to believe that I would be healed!  After all, He healed J.R., so maybe I'm next!  

Psalm 41:3 “The Lord sustains him on his sickbed; in his illness you restore him to full health.”

What I noticed immediately is that it is the Lord Who sustains a person on their deathbed and interestingly, He restores them “to full health.”  This reinforces the fact that it is God alone Who heals and that healing is fully a sovereign work of the Lord and not from the will of man.  God even sustains a person on their sickbed, which could be interpreted to mean their “deathbed.”  In no way does this promise that He will heal every sickness, even from a condition that brings them close to death, but it does reaffirm that it is God and God alone Who is the Healer. 

( C.S. Lewis)

Once again, this is how I believe Devon's statements about J.R. came about today!  Believing that Jesus used this form of encouragement for Devon makes me happy!  Am I happy that He hasn't healed Devo yet?  Of course not, but just knowing that Devo and his Savior and Healer are in conversation fills my heart with joy and my thoughts with confidence!  It's just very comforting knowing that Jesus is as faithful as He says He is!  It is quite obvious to me that He has never left Devo's side!  Thank you, Sweet Jesus!  Goodnight, and feel free to send me "your version" of what happened today!  Dana