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Latest Journal Update

Find some R &R time for yourselves!

Another good day for Devo, which, in turn, is another good day for the two girls!  The day was so good, in fact, that when I called at four, the three of them were at the pool at Crestwood, with Charlotte, in a swimsuit, in the pool!  I just got off the phone with Nicole, and she told me that they all had an incredibly great day!  They were all out at the pool, Devon under the big umbrella, listening to country music, and having lots of fun!  Several members came over to see Devo and reminisce about "the old days", John and Ann Murphy amongst them! John and Ann actually made it possible when the kids were really young, for them to be honorary ball boys, and ball girls for games at Fenway!  It's a thrill the kids will never forget, one which included sitting in the dugout before the game, and their pictures up on the big lighted scoreboard!  I used to teach Ann what I knew about golf, but her husband John, who was a good player in his own right, was never too interested in taking lessons!  He had an old "caddy" swing like I did, one which is sometimes effective, but very hard to "coach!"  At any rate, they all had a ball at the club today, a day they so desperately need, just to let them psychologically get away from the reality of their circumstances!  We all need an "escape" from the rigorous stress and pressure of our daily lives, and when you throw in a set of circumstances, the likes with which those three have been dealing, getting some R & R is of paramount importance!   We all need time to regroup, and renew our spirits, just so we can get up in the morning, ready to face the challenges of the new day!  

We all have our personal situations, issues, problems and discomforts that push us and pull us this way and that, often dictating our schedules and our emotions. Each of our lives is important, and so are the people in them. Finding balance in our lives, pursuing a relationship with Christ and serving His church may feel overwhelming and inconvenient in this season of your life.

Matthew 14 begins with John the Baptist’s death. Jesus, one of John's closest friends, needed time to reflect. "When Jesus heard what had happened, he withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place" (Matthew 14:13). Although Jesus was looking for space and quiet, he didn't receive it right then because hurting people were in need. They followed him, and He met their needs, putting them before Himself. "When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed their sick" (Matthew 14:14). But Jesus still found time for rest. After this, He rearranged his schedule to make time for God, going "up on a mountainside by himself to pray" (Matthew 14:23).

By drawing close to God, Jesus’s spirit was renewed, and He was able to do many miracles for those He loved. As we take time to draw closer to God, we will feel more encouraged and equipped to manage our hectic schedules and enjoy all life has to offer. God can do miracles in and through us if we put Him first. Just as God poured into His Son when they spent time together, He will renew us so we can do the work He has for us. We can only begin to imagine the miracles we will be witness to when our eyes are solely upon our creator. (Newspring)

Even Jesus, when life stressed Him out, needed to find some R & R somewhere!  But before He took care of His own needs, He administered to those of His friends!  Of course the key sentence in the text above is, BUT JESUS STILL FOUND TIME TO REST!  No matter how much healing He had to do, and no matter how much administering He had to do for His friends, He still made time to go up on that mountainside, ALONE, and pray!  Drawing close to God, revitalized Him, so why not us?  If praying was that important FOR JESUS, can you imagine what it will do for us?  The more we draw closer to the Lord, the more we will feel encouraged and equipped to deal with our own hectic schedules!  When we look solely upon the mountain of problems facing us, they seem insurmountable!  When we speak with Jesus and "download our problems onto Him, our problems diminish, and we even get the opportunity to go to the pool!  Pray hard, draw closer to God, and you won't be paralyzed by your own circumstances!  Goodnight and God bless!  Dana