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He's all we need!

The night the lights went out in Georgia, remember that song?  It was a Reba McIntyre classic written in 1972 and first sung by Vicki Lawrence!  Well, the lights went out all over Rhode Island today, due to an electrical storm, and Charlotte got to use her fancy generator!  Isn't it funny that those who own generators actually enjoy when the power goes off, just so they get to "switch" over to their backup power source?   They don't immediately think about those who don't have power, because they are so happy that they do!  After the hurricane season of 2005, Angie made me buy a generator so we would be covered!  Guess what?  We haven't come close to firing up that baby since!  Unlike most others, I hope we never get to see it working!  As a matter of fact, I know I couldn't get it up and running, I wonder if Angie can?  Wouldn't that be ironic if the electricity went off and we couldn't figure out how to start it?  Oh well, the lights are off up there, but Charlotte says its like camping out, and even Devo is enjoying it!  Devo isn't on any kind of electrical machines or stuff, so even without power, he'd be doing just fine!  But what do any of us really need if we have Jesus?  He will provide for everything!  We may not have lights sometimes, but Jesus didn't even have electricity and He managed just fine!  

And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.
( Philippians 4:19)

There it is, in black and white!  He will take care and supply you with all your needs!  So why is it that we get so stressed out when we don't get what it is that we think we so desperately need?  Is it because we are conforming to social pressures rather than abiding and trusting in Him?  If we have Jesus in His rightful place in our lives, Número uno, He will make sure that we are supplied with everything that we need!  Conversely, without Jesus, we can have everything the world has to offer, and still be unhappy and bankrupt!  It is far more important that we have our spiritual piggy banks full, than it is to have our wallets full!   Let's face it, you can never have enough worldly riches, if that is your god, because everything of this world is temporary, including our humanity!  Go first with God, and cement your place for eternity, and along the way, let Him manage your everyday!  He's pretty good at it!  Goodnight and God bless!  Dana 
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Patti Benson
By Patti Benson
Amen! Fits right along with Pastor Shaun's sermon last night (Tues) on 1Samuel Chpt 1.
"An authentic worshiper gets God's attention. Surrender everything in the natural to get everything in the super natural.
Don't pout, just praise!"

Love and miss you all!
Patti & Bobby