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Devon’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update

Don't be afraid to commit!

I have come to the realization that the days of physically feeling awesome are over!  I ache all over my body, from my sore teeth, to my aching shoulder, to my skinny, spindly legs, to my sore toe!  Everything is hurting, and that at my age, I can't say that I am surprised!  But I just can't ever remember having to deal with pain!  But the real reason I'm writing about this is how it got me thinking about a couple of things!  First of all, can anyone imagine how painful it must have been for Jesus to be crossing all the countryside that He did for three years, without so much as an aspirin? He either walked or travelled by donkey, pressed on without much rest, and never let the elements or the opposition get Him down!  He was focused, single minded and committed!  We just take it for granted, as Christians, what Jesus had to endure to get His word out there!  He had to dodge the authorities, withstand public opinion, and continue on for days without food, water, and comfort!  So what am I bellyaching about?  Have the comforts of home sweet home made us soft?  We haven't, as Americans, had to tough it out for any length of time!  We call the doctor when we get the sniffles, take aspirins when our head hurts, and even take drugs to alleviate hunger, depression, and other ailments!  What about Jesus?  How did He deal with all His pain?  He allowed His commitment to spreading the Word, consume Him!  What that tells me is that focus and commitment can supersede worldly "acquired"  ailments like fatigue and depression!  If we keep busy, and stay focused, we won't have the time to bemoan our problems!  

Which brings me to Devon!  How does he do it?  He can't stay busy, by choice, and I think that's why Charlotte tries to keep him engaged in ANYTHING!  When I feel a little twinge of pain, much more frequently of late,  I might add, rather than complain and look for an excuse or sympathy, I think of Devon, and all that he's been through, and it quickly takes my mind off whatever it is that's bugging me!  Charlotte should, by all rights, be dragging her derrière around town, considering what she's done for the last three years!  But because she is committed to her job at task, she doesn't experience the fatigue that she deservedly should!  But where should all of our commitment begin?  Obviously, in each of our own worlds, we get to choose that for which we will be committed!  I was committed to being the best golfer that I could be when I was playing, and I truly received my strength and energy from that commitment!  Nicole and Charlotte are totally committed to caring for Devon, which gives them the strength and energy to go on!  In the same light, shouldn't we commit all of what we have to Jesus!  If we do, He will make His ways available to us!   This should be our FIRST commitment!  If we commit first to the Lord, He will guide us to where else in our life we need to focus!  

Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act. (Psalm 37:5)

With all those wonderful promises in the Bible, who wouldn't want the Lord to act?  His plans are for us to prosper!  He will protect us and watch over us!  He will make sure we live a life fulfilled!  It doesn't take a Rhodes Scholar to want Jesus to act!  It's all good!  And all we have to do is to commit our ways!  Where do I sign on the dotted line?  Goodnight and God bless you all!  Dana