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Devon’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update

Disappointed? Not me, my hopes are in the Lord!

How many disappointments, on the average, do we humans have to endure each day?  Is it one, or two, or more?  Are the disappointments more a reflection of us setting ourselves up for them, or are they genuinely letdowns out of our control?  

Disappointment (noun): the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the defeat of one’s hopes or expectations

I think the answer is in the definition!  Disappointment is the feeling of sadness caused by the defeat of one's HOPES OR EXPECTATIONS!  We set ourselves up for every last one of them!  If we don't expect, we don't feel disappointment!  But how in the world do we live without projecting or expecting?  There are so many opportunities for us to feel let down or deflated every day of our lives!  And for the most part, I think we, humans, because we unrealistically hope or wish for things that are so off the charts, we find ourselves in a lose-lose scenario almost every time!  It's time to get real, and quit wishing for things that we can't have, so we can save our disappointment for things that really matter!  But in a perfect world, we would put all our hopes in Jesus and we would never suffer any moments of disappointment, because He is ever so faithful!  But there is a bigger issue here than just being able to eliminate most of our disappointing periods, it's how this behavior is perceived by others!  If they see that we can handle some potentially very demoralizing situations by remaining steadfast with Jesus, then it may just help them with their own circumstances!

When people know that we serve the Lord, and they see us handling our difficulties and disappointments by trusting in God, they see that our faith is real.  Trusting God in the tough times is a great witness to the world.

We knew that Devo needed help from Jesus on the morning of the accident!  And we needed help from Him too!  We knew it was certainly out of our control, and turned to the only HOPE that we knew and trusted!  We needed supernatural help from the one and only living God, Jesus!  And He delivered not only as He always does, but also because He has promised to!  And it turned our eventual disappointment into hope and confidence and peace!  Of course we all hoped and prayed that Devon would not only live, but would be healed!  But our hope was not in the outcome, but more importantly in the One who would make that outcome happen according to His purposes!  OUR HOPES AND EXPECTATIONS WERE IN JESUS, NOT IN SOME EXPECTATION THAT WE PROJECTED!  Thank God we were able to put this tragedy into the godly prospective, because it has eliminated so many disappointing moments!   And those who have witnessed us doing so, know that our faith is real, and that it works!  What a great lesson to learn, without really having to deal with it personally!  The one sure way to reduce disappointment, is to trust more in Jesus, and rely less upon the outcome of our own expectations!  

Charlotte had a little better day today, getting more accustomed to the new chair!  She still thinks that the design is not good, but at least she feels like Devo is getting more adjusted to the new "feel" of the chair, and that he is comfortable!  Hopefully each new day brings her closer to complete confidence and trust in the new mechanism!  It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks, and this invasion into Devon and her world, is going to take some getting used to!  Let's pray that the transition goes smoothly and quickly!  Goodnight and God bless! Dana